Insider: From Software’s Shadows Die Twice is Not Exclusive to Any Platform, Bloodborne 2 Ruled Out?

Last year at The Game Awards, From Software teased a game that many believed is Bloodborne 2. However, according to an insider, project Shadows Die Twice is not exclusive to any platform. If true, this rules out the possibility of Bloodborne 2, which as you may know, is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The leaker who goes by Omnipotent on ResetEra, stated that From Software will only be showing one game at E3 2018; and that game is project Shadows Die Twice, otherwise known in the digital realm as Bloodborne 2. The insider claims that this project is not exclusive to any platform which means that either Bloodborne 2 is going to be multiplatform (nope!) or this isn’t Bloodborne 2 at all.

The game is going to have a big showing at E3 2018, probably at Sony’s stage due to the fact that From Software and Sony enjoy a very healthy relationship. There are so many games scheduled to appear at Sony’s E3 event including the big four – Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2, Spiderman PS4, and Death Stranding. Sony has the biggest E3 show floor to showcase playable demos.

While fans would love to see Bloodborne 2 one of the playable games at the event, it may not be there if this insider report holds any truth.

Here is the look at the teaser trailer shared last year.

You can also head over here to know everything there is about the in-development project. As for E3 2018, Sony’s entire lineup was allegedly leaked.

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Sony’s E3 2018 press event is set for June 11 at 6 in the evening where From Software is expected to show its new project in detail.

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