Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr Fusion Guide

Since the latest patch for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr, players have been introduced to a new system in the game called the Fusion Crafting or simply the Fusion mechanic of the game. This will help you progress whether you are a low-level player or an experienced high-level one. Check out our Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr Fusion Guide for help with this new system.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr Fusion

Your first step would be to unlock the Crafting System that will be available naturally as you progress. This menu can be opened by visiting a tech priest and here you will be able to work around the Fusion System.

This will require you to first go to the Tech Tree tab and unlock the Refinery and the Binary Shrine.

The latter gives you access to sanctify relic items by opening up a Sanctified Fusion tab.

Do note that for unlocking the Binary Shrine you will require 50 Fate Points that can be gathered by selling purple items or through completing missions in the campaign.

The other requirement for 25,000 credits can also be fulfilled similarly by progressing through the main story and completing challenges.

How to Fuse Relics?

The next step would be to get a relic item. This is random and the chances for it improve as you reach higher levels.

Anything past Level 38 almost guarantees for a relic item to be dropped. The precise spot for this is the Estero Booth in the game. Once you have an item that could be a weapon, gear, armor or any equipment; proceed to the Fusion tab.

Here you will boost the power and quality of relic equipment by fusing them together.

Whenever you drag a particular item, it shows you the Maximum Force Overload % meter. The item placed at the center would be the one to get upgraded or downgraded. If the percentage shown is greater than 100%, then you would just be downgrading your equipment.

When an item reaches 100% load, it can no longer be upgraded further.

One of the problems you will face here is that you do not get to know how much will the fusion improve the relic, until after the fusion is done, which may sometimes lead you to waste better relics. The best option is to mostly fuse lower relics together instead of fusing good ones.

Choose suitable relics to make sure the percentage is 100 or below. This way, you will use other relics to power up and boost the rating of a particular relic of your liking.

You will get additional attributes and stat bonuses once you upgrade weapons through this method. You can get a total of different attributes on a single relic.

Additionally, the power rating for your character also goes up.

All of this, in turn, will net you more experience points as you progress because of the higher power rating of your character. More XP, in turn, unlocks more skills, items, and opportunities to get even better at the game.

A simple way to get easy 100% relics from fusion of a 60-70 % relic is by using bulkier items.

For example, fusing a two-handed weapon that you do not use now, with a one-handed weapon provides better chance of reaching that sweet 100% load.

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