InnoGames Announces New Game Elvenar

Developer InnoGames has announced a new property, called Elvenar. It will use its known model of browser strategy titles, but with an extended twist.

At the start of Elvenar, players have to choose between either a Human or Elven race. Depending on that choice, buildings and playthrough will progress differently.

Humans are more industrious, while elves rely on magical traits. Naturally, resources will be involved, as players try to build their settlement from a small village to a sprawling metropolis.

Additionally, it’s possible to go off and explore in Elvenar. Forests and caves may hide foes in need of bashing.

There’s a combat element that takes place on its own map. Fights are put on a hex grid and can feature up to 20 different monsters and unit types.

There may also be obstructions placed on the grid. Elvenar’s combat model resembles Might & Magic designs.

An upgrade system allows for better buildings, map expansions and other tools. Different enhancements could require other resources, such as research points or cold hard cash.

Right now, Elvenar is sticking to the browser model, but the developer has mentioned that mobile versions are planned. A Closed Beta will kick off in the next months.

InnoGames is a successful provider of free-to-play titles. Its titles do quite well, with the most notable games being Tribal Wars, Forge of Empires and Grepolis.

Recently, the company has been expanding its offices, as well as its work on multiple projects. Other games announced include Rising Generals and The West.

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