Injustice: Gods Among Us Killer Frost Moves, Combos and Strategy Guide

Crystal Frost was once a doctor who – in an expedition to the arctic – was locked inside a thermafrost chamber by accident. She somehow survived and emerged as a being who could absorb the energy from other living beings to sustain herself. She was eventually defeated by the hero Firestorm.

However, Dr. Louise Lincoln, who was a friend of Crystal, decided to replicate the experiment and was successful in doing so. She now calls herself Killer Frost and is now on a murderous rampage.

Killer Frost is just as cold on the inside as she is on the outside. Remorseless and cruel, the only emotions she feels include delight at the expense of others and rage at being denied.

Frost constantly finds herself at odds with the hero Firestorm, whose vast output of energy provides a massive power source for the villain. And when it comes to unlimited power, Frost will kill anyone in her way to get it.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Killer Frost Moves, Combos and Strategy

Her complete and utter disregard for humanity and compassion makes Killer Frost a truly chilling foe to behold.

“Dr. Louise Lincoln was devastated when her friend and colleague, the original Killer Frost, was killed. She duplicated Crystal Frost’s experiments and acquired her freezing power.”

Button Key Mapping

  • PS3/Xbox 360 = Output

Triangle/Y = High Attack
Square/X = Mid Attack
X/A = Low Attack
Circle/B = Character Trait
R1/RB = Environment Attack
L1/LB = Throw
LT + RT/LT + RT = Super Move
R2/RT = Meter Burn

Killer Frost Basic Attacks

Chill Out:  X
Snowblow:  Y
Shutter:  A
Freezer Burn:  ← + X
Icebreaker:  ← + Y
Frost Kick:  ← + A
Frozen Cut:  → + X
Ice Spike:  → + Y
Glaze:  → + A
Glacier Kick:  ↑ + A
Low Poke:  ↓ + X
Icepick:  ↓ + Y
Sweeping Kick:  ↓ + A

Killer Frost Air Attacks

Flying Sidekick: X
Dropkick: Y
Downward Axekick: A

Killer Frost Throws

Forward Throw: LB + → or → + X + A
Reverse Throw: LB or ← + X + A

Killer Frost Combo Attacks

Ice Cold:  X, A
Freezing Effect:  X, X
Severe Blizzard:  X, X, X
Dancing Ice:  X, X, ← + Y
Frozen Twister:  X, X, A, A
Cold Blooded:  → + X, X
Tempest:  → + X, X, Y
Arctic Frost:  → + X, X, A
Diamond Dust:  ← + X, A + ↑
Hailstone:  Y, Y
Thin Ice:  Y, Y, A
Hailstorm:  ← + Y, A
Freezing Rain:  → + Y, X
Cold As Ice:  → + Y, A

Killer Frost Bounce Cancels

Glaze:  → →, RT
Kick:  ← ←, RT

Killer Frost Special Attacks

Frostbite:  ↓← X
Iceberg:  ↓← Y
Flash Freeze:  ↓← → Y
Black Ice:  ←↓ A
Frozen Daggers:  ← → X

Super Move
Endless Whiteout:  LT + RT

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