Injustice: Gods Among Us Aquaman Moves, Combos and Strategy Guide

Don’t care what anyone says, I think Aquaman is pretty bad ass. I mean come on people the guy can breathe underwater and talk to fish, they even obey his commands. Plus he also has all the regular super powers of super strength and flight.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Aquaman Moves, Combos and Strategy

Aquaman has a long trident if that interests you. In the game, Aquaman has the ability to summon the wrath of the seven seas and bury his opponents in a watery grave. Don’t you want to do that? If so, then only Aquaman can do so.

If all this still doesn’t compel you to play as Aquaman, maybe this argument will. If you play as Aquaman and beat Superman then you will become a super hero yourself.

Button Key Mapping

  • PS3/Xbox 360 = Output

Triangle/Y = High Attack
Square/X = Mid Attack
X/A = Low Attack
Circle/B = Character Trait
R1/RB = Environment Attack
L1/LB = Throw
LT + RT/LT + RT = Super Move
R2/RT = Meter Burn

Aquaman Basic Attacks

Flounder Fist: X
Trident Push: Y
Trident Spin: A
Mera’s Fury: ← + X
Trident Slam: ← + Y
Whirl Pool: ← + A
Surface Dwellers: → + X
Stingray Sweep: → + Y
For Neptune: → + A
Shark Strike: ↓ + X
Rising Trident: ↓ + Y
Sea Sweep: ↓ + A

Aqua Man Air Attacks

Urchin Kick: X
Air Stab: Y
Trident Jab: A

Aquaman Throws

Forward Throw: LB + → or → + X + A
Reverse Throw: LB or ← + X + A

Aquaman Combo Attacks

Seven Seas: X, X
Aquatic Ace: X, X, Y, A
Marine Marvel: → + X, A
Tidal Wave: → + X, A, Y
From The Depths: ← + X, Y
Huzzah: ← + X, Y, A
Tsunami Slam: Y, Y
Atlantean Strength: Y, Y, A
Orin Origin: ← + Y, ↑+ A
Deep Sea: → + Y, X + A

Aquaman Bounce Cancels

For Neptune: → →, RT
Whirl Pool: ← ←, RT

Aquaman Special Moves

Trident Rush: ↓ → X
From The Deep: ↓ ← Y
Water Shield: ↓ ↓ + A
Trident Scoop: ↓ ← X
Trident Toss: ← → Y

Aquaman Super Move

Atlantean Rage: LT + RT

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