Injustice: Gods Among Us Bane Moves, Combos and Strategy Guide

When ignorant people look at Bane, they only see a brute. Most of them fail to realize the power of genius mind inside Bane’s head.

Trained by the League of Assassins just like Batman, perhaps Bane is Batman’s most lethal and dangerous enemy. The role recently reincarnated in the latest Batman film; Dark Knight Rises by Tom Hardy still has us shaking in our boots and dripping sweat bullets. The moment where Bane broke the Bat’s back will be forever etched into every fan’s mind around the world.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Bane Moves, Combos and Strategy

Bane has body like a truck and the power of an army tank. He can crush foes with impunity and break their bodies as well as mind with frightening ease. However, Bane is not a total brute like mentioned before in the article. Bane has studies various and varying field of science’s and is considered and expert in most of them.

Bane is fluent in multiple languages and has a photographic memory. In short, he is just as smart as Batman and dare I say even more. Using our guide and all the moves detailed in it, you will be able to use Bane as Nature’s strongest force. God have mercy on any soul that comes across this monster’s path.

Button Key Mapping

  • PS3/Xbox 360 = Output

Triangle/Y = High Attack
Square/X = Mid Attack
X/A = Low Attack
Circle/B = Character Trait
R1/RB = Environment Attack
L1/LB = Throw
LT + RT/LT + RT = Super Move
R2/RT = Meter Burn

Bane Basic Attacks

Brute Jab: X
Brute Hammerfist: Y
Brute Kick: A
Shin Splint: ← + X
Earthquake Stomp: ← + Y
Thundering Dropkick: ← + A
Shattering Cross: → + X
Lucho Powerpunch: → + Y
Fist Slam: → + Y, ↓
Devastator: → + A
Quick Kick: ↓ + X
Rising Double Fist: ↓ + Y
Fist Trip: ↓ + A

Bane Air Attacks

Demolish: X
Crushing: Y
Pulverize: A
Body Splash: ↓ + A

Bane Throws

Forward Throw: LB + → or → + X + A
Reverse Throw: LB or ← + X + A

Bane Combos

Punching Bag: X, X
Juiced: X, X, Y
Feel The Pain: X, X, A
Bring It: ← + X, X
Bitter Taste: ← + X, X, Y
Dead One: X, Y
Final Strike: X, Y, A
Secret Six: Y, Y
Venom Strength: Y, Y, A
Knightfall: ← + Y, X
Master Of Disguise: ← + Y, A
Veritas Liberat: → + Y, ↓, Y
Infinite Crisis: → + Y, ↓, A

Bane Bounce Cancels

Devastator: → →, RT
Thundering Dropkick: ← ←, RT

Bane Special Moves

Body Press: ↓ ←→A
Raging Charge: ←→X
Double Punch: ←→Y
Venom Uppercut: ↓ ← Y
Ring Slam: ↓ ← X

Bane Super Move

Break The Bat: LT + RT

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