Injustice 2 Story Expansion Potentially Teased

Injustice 2 launched with a great critical reception from both fans and critics. Since the game’s release, NetherRealm Studios has launched Red Hood as DLC and Sub-Zero is planned to launch next month and Starfire launching in August. However, it seems that the studio also has plans for an Injustice 2 story expansion.

Injustice 2 story mode is one of the most praised aspects of the game and it seems that we haven’t seen the last of it as creative director, ED Boon has hinted that an Injustice 2 story expansion might be coming soon. The hint comes from Ed Boon’s Twitter account where Boon posted two simple words “Story Mode”.

However, this could mean anything as Boon has a history of throwing cryptic messages at its fans. But, this certainly has started some speculations among the fans. There might be a possibility that Injustice 2 story expansion tie in the Red Hood, Sub-Zero, and Starfire into the story. However, until the studio officially reveals anything we can speculate.

Injustice 2 is a fighting game featuring characters from DC Comics developed by NetherRealm Studios for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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