Infinite Warfare Zombies: Shaolin Shuffle Buildable Parts Locations

Shaolin Shuffle features a couple of buildable items that require you to find their parts first. Here's how to find them all.

Shaolin Shuffle, the third map in Infinite Warfare Zombies, comes with several buildable parts to craft some items and use them in your gameplay. It’s a good idea to find these parts as soon as possible due to their benefits in completing the main Easter Egg and general survivability.

The inventory in the Shaolin Shuffle map contains two sections: one for Newspaper Clippings and the other for Chi Abilities and Chi Upgrades. Just like workbenches in previous zombies mode iterations, Mahjong Tables are used to craft items.

In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know to find all the buildable parts in Infinite Warfare Zombies: Shaolin Shuffle map.

Where to Find All Buidable Parts in Shaolin Shuffle

Luckily, buildable parts (or tiles) are always in the same location in Shaolin Shuffle, so you won’t have to scour separate areas for individual parts. It’s important to note that unlocking the Pack-a-Punch Machine also requires you to find x3 parts – you can categorize them as Buildable Parts as well.


  • There’s a tile on top of the stairs near the Boombox Table.
  • Another one is in the same area on top of a paint can.
  • There’s another one on top of the wooden ramp outside the Dojo.
  • The final one is near some bricks right next to the wooden ramp.

Toy Robot

  • The first tile is on top of the bus parked outside the Dojo.
  • One tile is on the stairway leading from the Subway Station to the bus.
  • The last one is right next to the Tuff ‘Nuff Perk-a-Cola.


  • One tile is next to the van parked outside the Pink Cat Strip Club.
  • Another one is in the Underground Area.
  • One is located directly behind the Magic Wheel.
  • In the same area, find the blue window ledge to find another one.
  • One tile also can be spotted upstairs on the bar.
  • The last one is on the staircase leading to Subway Station.

Lava Lamp

  • The first tile is near the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk-a-Cola.
  • Another one is directly outside the Inferno Disco.
  • There’s one near the Lava Table
  • The final one is near the benches.


  • One is near the Bottle Table.
  • One is inside the first room of the Pink Cat Strip Club.
  • The third one is near the fire in the alley.
  • Another tile is inside the Heebee Jeebees
  • The last one is on the opposite side of the teleporter door.
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