Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland David Hasselhoff Unlock Guide – Get Stickers, Trigger Knight Industries Two Thousand Protocol

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is this year’s installment in the long-running shooter franchise from Activision. Infinity Ward, the creator of Modern Warfare series, is behind Infinite Warfare.

For the first time ever, the series is heading into space which means we could only be a couple of installments away from going full-on Star Wars. There are many new features and changes introduced such as the addition of the Jackal, new gadgets, more customizations for Multiplayer, and much more.

The campaign gives you decent 8-10 hours of action and multiplayer combined with Zombies in Spaceland adds to the value of Infinite Warfare.

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Zombies in Spaceland David Hasselhoff Unlock Guide

Zombies is Spaceland comes with a lighter tone which we have to admit, feels like a breath of fresh air. However, killing zombies feels tougher compared to previous games to the bullet sponge design of these creatures. But you can do something that will help take them down more conveniently.

First thing you can do is unlock Pack-A-Punch upgrade and it is best to combine it with David Hasselhoff. Yes, the man can be brought down from the heavens to fight alongside you.

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Infinite Warfare Zombie in Spaceland David Hasselhoff Unlock Guide

David Hasselhoff can help you out if you unlock him and are willing to spend some cash. You would need to trigger Trigger Knight Industries Two Thousand Protocol.

In order to get David Hasselhoff, you need to get all the stickers for N3IL robot.

N3IL offers additional tasks and easter eggs that will get you more XP in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland. It is a great robot to have and will make your life much easier by raising your rank. This section will discuss how you can get the N3IL up and running.

Right at the start of Zombies in Spaceland mode, at the center of the main area, you will notice a robot that has no head. The first thing you need to do is find its head.

The head is sitting on a table behind the primary portal. Head toward Polar Peak and you will notice a table along the way with a robot’s head on. Attach the head to the body and N3IL will come alive.

Once the head is attached and the robot is online, he will start offering you different challenges and tasks which you can complete for additional XP in Zombies in Spaceland. These challenges include getting multi-kills, kill with melee attacks, kill from a distance etc.

Once all of the challenges are complete, head back the robot and engage with him. This will shoot him right up in the sky and he will return as David Hasselhoff. David will fight alongside you for a few minutes. He will shoot up in the sky once again, returning the robot in his place.

He would now require another part to run.

The battery of the robot is down and needs to be replaced which means you need to find another battery for it. The battery is at Polar Peak near the laser trap, sitting on a counter. You can also look for it near the wind trap in Kepler System.

Installing the new battery will trigger a new set of challenges for the player such as Shoot the Laser off of zombies, protect the player, Board Windows etc.

The last and final part of N3IL is a floppy drive.

The drive spawns at different locations so you may have a hard time getting your hands on it. However, the employees only area in the Arcade or Polar Peak is known to host the floppy drive.

Once the drive is installed, a new set of challenges will trigger. Completing the last set will make the robot shoot back up in the sky and bring back David Hasselhoff to fight alongside you. Hasselhoff will go back to the skies but you can call him whenever you like by triggering “Knight Industries Two Thousand Protocol” for $5000.

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