Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Modes Tips and Strategies Guide

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Modes Guide to help you dominate your enemies in both new and returning game modes.

Whether you prefer to be a lone wolf in Free for All or like to be a team player in Domination/Hardpoint, there is something for everyone. Moreover, the introduction of rigs has added some more depth to the game mode.

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Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Modes Guide

In our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Modes Guide, we have detailed some helpful tips and strategies to help you crush your opponents.

Free for All

One of returning mode in Infinite Warfare, your job in FFA is to secure as many kills as possible. For this game mode, it is recommended to find an ideal place and move about the section killing everyone you come across.

If things start to go wayward, you can also opt to roam on the outer edges of the map while doing the same thing. Needless to say, but you should try and avoid the middle of the map because of weird spawn system that Call of Duty games are known for!


Lastly, try to stick to smaller scorestreaks and you should be fine.

Team Deathmatch

Your objective in TDM is to stay alive for as long as possible and avoid giving your enemies free kills. Try and only engage if you are one hundred positive about winning a gunfight.

Since it is a team-based game mode, you should try and stick to small scorestreaks which provide your teammates with map awareness and deny enemies the vision – UAV, CUAV, etc. are your best bet.

In TDM, enemies will always try to flip spawns in the hopes of catching you off-guard. Due to this, you should always be on your toes, give out calls, and try to die less.

Kill Confirmed

This is essentially same as TDM with a couple of minor differences. In Kill Confirmed, both enemies and friendlies drop a dogtag at the place of death. If you or one of your teammates pick up an enemy’s dogtag after eliminating him/her, you or the teammate will confirm the kill and add some extra points on the scoreboard.

Moreover, if you manage to get a friendly dogtag, you will deny your enemies a kill and reduce their score. Therefore, it is important that you are always on the lookout for dogtags to confirm/deny kills. Smart players also use the dogtags in order to lure more enemies in and go on a killing spree.

In Kill Confirmed, rushers with SMGs are more likely to shine as compared to players who like to sit back and score kills from afar. Since the game mode is extremely rewarding when it comes to earning points, this is arguably one of the best game modes for leveling up fast and earning higher scorestreaks.

Other than this, everything that applies to TDM, applies here as well.


In this game mode, there are three points scattered on the map – one near your spawn, one near enemy spawn, and one in the middle. Controlling one or more of these objectives allow you to rack up points which increase with kills/assists and lead your team to victory. Ideally, you need to have 2 of 3 objectives in order to score a win.

It is relatively easy to capture your spawn’s objective. The middle one, however, is the hardest and is the place where most of the engagements take place. Because of constant action, it is highly recommended that you use defensive scorestreaks, tons of explosives, and things which help you capture quicker.


Originally introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Hardpoint remains one of the fan-favorite game modes. In this game mode, you need to capture cycling control zones called hardpoints across the map. Hardpoints change after a fixed duration. Moreover, in order to successfully capture a hardpoint, you must make sure that there are no enemies inside.

In the case of an enemy, the hardpoint is not captured and is instead contested unless the threat is eliminated. Players continue to accumulate points as long as they stay inside the hardpoint until it is captured completely.

Since the hardpoints continue to rotate around the map, you should try and remember the locations of all hardpoints available on the map and get to them before time.

Search & Destroy

Search & Destroy is another returning game mode in which there is no concept of respawning in a single round. Due to this, you need to play each round carefully and try not to die.

The objective of this game mode is to grab the bomb from the initial spawn area and plant it at one of two enemy bomb sites. Once planted, the enemy team must defuse the bomb in order to score a win. Alternatively, the bomb-carriers can also eliminate the entire enemy team to win. The opposing team, however, must defuse the bomb even if it manages to wipe out the entire opposite team.

You can also lure the enemy team into thinking that you are planting the bomb and then wipe the entire team out. Keeping your cool, holding your positions, and treading carefully lead to success in a Search & Destroy match.

Search & Rescue

This game mode can be considered as a combination of both Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed. After each successful kill, you must confirm/deny the kill in order to gain points and plant/defuse bombs at the same time.


In this game mode, the attacking team must destroy two bomb sites of the opposing team. However, unlike Search & Destroy, every player is equipped with a bomb. Each team gets a turn and in the case of tie-breaker, both the teams are provided with the task of destroying a single bombsite and whosoever does it first, wins the match.

Capture the Flag

In this game mode, both teams must protect the flag, stationed at the base, from the other team. Moreover, the teams must try to steal the enemy flag and bring to their base in order to score a point.

Do note that if both teams manage to steal the enemy flag and return them to bases, neither team gets a point. The key to winning Capture the Flag is having excellent teamplay and communication. Scorestreaks which provide your team with vision and deny enemies vision at the same time are recommended.

Furthermore, it is recommended to leave a couple of players at the base and the others to escort the flag carrier.


In this game mode, one player from either team needs to grab a drone from the centre of the map and carry it all the way to enemy team’s Uplink Station in order to score. There is no need to be super accurate with the throws, but you can boost-jump and then throw for some extra points.

It is important to note that the drone carrier loses his/her Primary as well as Secondary Weapons and must rely on melee. The melee-attack gets additional damage and the carrier gets an extra layer of armour.

In some situations, the drone carrier can toss the drone at an enemy grab a quick kill, grab the drone, and be on your way.


This new game mode lets you have limited respawn. In this game mode, you must capture three control zones in order to instantly win the match. If you manage to capture one control zone, you get to revive a teammate, if you manage to capture two control zones, you trigger a timer, and capturing all three control zones wins you the game.


In this game mode, the player who picks up the drone becomes the primary target for the entire enemy team. If the player continues to hold the drone, the entire team continues to earn points and eventually wins the match.

This is all we have on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Modes Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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