Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Maps Tips and Strategy Guide – Combat Tips, Prime Locations, Jumps & Spots

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Maps Tips and Strategies Guide to help you get familiarised with the layout of each map along with prime locations and combat tips.

Similar to the previous Call of Duty iterations, multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are broken into three distinct lanes. It is paramount to have an understanding of these maps and knowing different lines of sight in addition to having better equipment and a decent aim.

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Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Maps Tips and Strategy Guide

In our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Maps Tips and Strategy Guide. We have broken down each map in the game along with combat tips to help you dominate your opponents.


This multiplayer map has three main lanes i.e. an outer wallrunning area, a central lane with a lot of cover, and a tight path with little to no cover. There is a building located on the centre of the map which is relatively open and players inside can easily be targeted by snipers stationed on the outer edges.

In addition to this central building, there are several smaller buildings located on the outer edges of the map. There is hardly any decent cover inside these buildings so SMGS and Shotguns are a high priority.



This multiplayer map has a pretty decent combination of small open spaces and tight corners. You should also be able to find an underground passage located on one side of the map. This area can be used to quickly get to the central lane as well as to travel between two buildings.

There is also a wallrunning position located on the topside of the map which can be used in order to reach objectives much faster. However, enemies should have little to no difficulty in reaching the area and eliminating you before you have a chance to react. The central lane of the map witnesses the most action and encourages close-ranged weapons.

Weapons like SMGs, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles truly shine on this map. If you love playing with a Sniper Rifle, you should be able to find a couple of decent positions located on the outer edges of the map, but always make sure to protect your flanks.


Scorch multiplayer map has plenty of long-range lanes combined with areas with decent cover and routes leading in/out of the left/right edges. The central area is fairly open but has little to no cover which is something you need to keep in mind.

The central area can easily be bypassed using an upper walkway. However, this area also does not have any decent cover and it is fairly easy for snipers to eliminate passers from a distance. Other than this, there is an objective-area near the bottom of the map which has some decent cover.

Both left and right outer edges of the map encourage close-ranged combat and weapons like Shotguns and SMGs. Both these areas are interlinked at various different points which is why you should always be on your toes. It is in this area where you can repeatedly get killed or accumulate an insane amount of kills in no time.


Retaliation has plenty of collapses buildings and vehicles which provide pretty decent cover. This is coupled with a few interior areas which also provide good cover. There is a hotel in the heart of the map which has multiple routes leading in/out of the map. However, this area has no cover inside and encourages close-quarter combat.

On the outside, there is an upper path with a lot of cover and a lower path which should be avoided because of elevation disadvantage. Moreover, try to utilise the available cover in order to move about the street instead of going in openly.

On the edges, there is an open area on one side with the little cover here and there. The other side has a collapsed building and a dock area which connects to the lower area.


Set in a space station, Frontier is essentially a combination of narrow alleyways and small rooms. The left/right edges of the map are essentially similar with little to no differences. The central area is based on interlinked alleyways and an upper platform which can be accessed from the lower areas by jumping.

This is something you need to focus on if you are moving through the area so that you do not get caught off-guard. Moreover, these alleyways are fairly long which is why I recommend using an Assault Rifle or even a Sniper Rifle. As mentioned earlier, the left/right edges of the map are essentially identical.

There are a couple of larger rooms as compared to narrow alleyways. Since there is cover available via pillars and other things, there is no reason for you to charge your enemies openly. Pay attention to your surroundings, do not make silly mistakes, and you should be good to go.


Grounded multiplayer map basically is a crashed destroyer and is divided into two parts i.e. an inside part and an outside part with a few buildings located nearby. The outer area has some available cover, but you should not rely too much on it. Keep your eyes peeled for any incoming threat and dispose of it immediately.

While it is possible to run an SMG or a Shotgun in this area, I like to stick to an Assault Rifle in order to gain an advantage at medium-range combat. In objective-based game modes like Domination, try to avoid heading to B capture point without having knowledge of enemies.

This area has multiple paths leading in/out of the area with some decent lines of sight. If you are on the defence, make sure to take advantage of these in order to prevent enemies from advancing. Some people even suggest proceeding to C straight from A and neglecting B entirely.


If you have played this multiplayer map, then you probably already know that it feels like there is a firefight every second. Precinct is made of sharp turns and small open spaces. It should serve you well to get a hang of these areas and then plan your strategies accordingly.

If you are running an Assault or a Sniper Rifle, there is no reason why you should be in the central part of the map. The buildings in there have little to no cover at all. Moreover, these enclosed spaces encourage close-quarter combat which is why a Shotgun or an SMG should serve you well.

As for Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle players, you should find your safe haven on the outskirts of the map which should provide you with an enough elevation to pick enemies from a distance. If you are on the other side, be on the lookout for these enemies.


Frost is one of the smaller multiplayer maps available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Going with the traditional three-lane formula, the central section of the map can easily be watched over from the either side which is why you should not head in there without any knowledge of the opposing team.

The left/right edges of the map have a few alleyways and buildings which encourage close-quarter combat and SMGs as well as Shotguns really shine here. There are some lengthy lines of sight available as well for Assault Rifle and LMG players, but those are not something you should rely on.

Lastly, you should find plenty of flanking positions which you need to take advantage of if you wish to be successful on Frost. On the other hand, play with things like Trophy Systems, UAV, CUAV, etc. in order to get the constant vision of the enemy team and plan your strategies accordingly.


Skydock is the only map in the game where you have to be more careful about falling down as compared to actual enemies. There are plenty of wallrunning position, but once again, be careful about falling down and running into enemies at the landing zones.

The map is largely symmetrical with the central area connecting the three lanes. Due to this, you can always expect something to be happening in the area. If you are the one who is always hungry for blood, this is the place to be.


Mayday is another map which is largely symmetrical with a couple of differences here and there. There is an interior area which connects the three lanes. Alternatively, you can also use the two outer routes to get to these three lanes using a few wallrunning positions.

The central section of the map is constantly watched over by elevated points available on the either side of the map. Always be wary of snipers and players with LMGs and Assault Rifles stationed there. You should also try and flank them before pushing towards the centre. This should also you to focus on the enemies stationed at the opposite side of the central area since there is little to no cover available in the area.

Alternatively, you should also be able to flank them from the sidelines and push towards the central objective – if there is any you are interested in.


Throwback is another map which is largely symmetrical with a couple of differences here and there. The central section of the area can easily be watched over by placing a sniper in the window. This is something you need to keep in mind if you wish to proceed through the central area.

Alternatively, there is plenty of cover and alternating paths that you can take in order to avoid getting picked up by the sniper and bypass the entire area. This is helpful in case you are running a close-quarter build and have no means of dealing with the long-range weaponry.

Once you are through the central portion of the map, the outer edges should not pose much of a threat to a CQC build. You should be able to find plenty of sharp turns and will be able to surprise your opponents.

This is all we have on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Maps Tips and Strategy Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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