Infamous 2 Stunts Guide

You can unlock the Matching Set trophy by unlocking each type of power by performing different stunts that are available in Infamous 2. You can refer to the following Infamous 2 Stunts guide below in order to pull these successful stunts, in turn, unlocking the powers to earn the ‘Matching Set’ trophy.

Infamous 2 Stunts

You need to kill an enemy by crushing it with an object. You should blow the object near the target to complete this stunt.

Sticky Bomb
All you need to do is hit an enemy with a sticky Shock Grenade. Wait for the enemy to go completely prone and then chuck a sticky Shock Grenade at them.

You need to make an enemy fall to death from some high point. You can use Shockwave to achieve the objective.

Enviro Take Down
To complete this stunt, you will need to use an environmental object, such as a vehicle, to kill an enemy. This is easily achievable by using the Shock Grenade to make nearby vehicles explode, any enemy in the vicinity of the explosion will die and you’ll have completed the stunt.

Melee Finisher
Perform a 5-hit Melee combo on an enemy, with the 5th and final hit being the finishing blow. There’s no real secret to this, you’ll just have to keep trying until it happens; try doing it in a crowd of enemies.

Air Strike
You need to take down an enemy using a Lightening bolt while in mid-air. You may want to use the elevated areas to complete the stunt. A quick way of doing this is by jumping off of a bus and using the Megawatt Hammer to quickly kill an enemy.

Blast & Bolt
Kill an enemy in mid-air with the lightning bolt. You might have to try a couple of times to complete this stunt. This can easily be done by using an Electromagnetic Shockwave to launch an enemy into the air and hitting them with a Precision Lightning Bolt.

Flying Head Shot
Use Shockwave on an enemy while he is in mid-air, take a precise headshot. This can easily be done with the aid of the Electromagnetic Shockwave (Rank 1) and a Precision Lightning Bolt.

Flying Melee
You need to kill an enemy with melee in mid-air. You can use different strategies like if you trap an enemy between yourself and a wall, you can hit a melee while the enemy tries to jump back. You can also use the Gigawatt blades to send the enemy into the air and doing an air melee combo to kill them before they land

Unquenchable Thirst
For this stunt, Induction grind and transport to 4 different grinds before without touching anything else. This can easily be achieved on the train tracks, and by using Static Thrusters to ensure you reach the next track.

Premature Detonation
You need to kill an enemy by detonating a bomb equipped kamikaze. The explosion can kill the nearby enemies. Kill the Mad Bomber before it reaches you, and the ensuing explosion should kill at least one more enemy. Use any weapon other than a melee and this should prove to be easy as pie

Right Back At Ya
For this stunt, you will have to take a kill by throwing back enemy grade using a shockwave. When you see an enemy throwing a grenade at you, use the Electromagnetic Shockwave to send it back; requires perfect timing.

Air Sticky Bomb
You need to take out an enemy using a sticky bomb while it is in air. You should shockwave the enemy first and then throw the bomb at it. This is actually quite difficult, but here are a couple of tips to help you out: use an Electromagnetic Shockwave to send the enemy into the air, and then hit ‘em with a shock grenade

Insult to Injury
First stick an enemy with a grenade then kill it using some other weapon before the grenade explodes. A Precision Lightning Bolt ought to get the job done.

Whack a Mole
Take a conduit down with a lightning bolt and then kill it using the thunder drop move. Pretty straightforward, just keep using the Thunder Drop until the job’s done

Suspended Sentence
Kill an enemy in the air using a Thunderstorm move. After getting the power if you use it on a large group of enemies, there is a high probability that you will achieve this stunt. Try to use the Shockwave to send enemies into the air and then call forth a Thunderstorm

Up Close and Personal
You need to kill 5 enemies straight using melee, all within 30 seconds. Once you’re committed, you can’t use any other weapon until you’ve killed all 5 enemies (doing so will reset the whole thing). An easy way of doing this is killed 5 Scrap Crabs in quick succession.

Crowd Control
Kill 5 enemies together (at once) with a Shock Grenade. It’ll work to your benefit if the Shock Grenade is at rank 3 before attempting this. If you are on the ‘evil’ route then this can be done to civilians as well, but if you don’t want Cole to end up ‘evil’, then head to a place littered with enemies, such as the Warren, and do it there.

Splash and Crash
First use shockwave on an enemy in mid-air then shoot that enemy with Thunder drop to complete this stunt. Make sure that Thunder Drop is fully upgraded, and try to do this from a high rooftop

Have A Nice Fall
Using an Electromagnetic Shockwave, you need to knock 3 enemies off of a rooftop at the same time. Finding 3 enemies to do this on will prove to be the actual challenging part. Search for such enemies during the ‘Mysterious Signals’ mission. Make sure your Electromagnetic Shockwave is upgraded, and when you do find the 3 enemies, try to corral them together so you can more easily push them off. You can also attempt this stunt during ‘Spy Drones’ or in the Neon Districts.

Ride the Lightning
While in Precision Mode, perform an enemy takedown while also grinding on a rail or wire. Ride on the same rail, back and forth while constantly hitting enemies with Precision Bolts.

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