Infamous 2 Powers Guide

Powers are the core of Infamous 2 combat. You can upgrade them as well and this guide will tell you everything about these powers.

Infamous 2 features some new powers and upgrades with the ability to customize these powers by leveraging the new Karma system. You can personalize each and every power of Cole into different variants using the power customization feature and this Infamous 2 Powers guide will show you how.

Infamous 2 Powers

Breakdown of each and every power Cole can use to wreak havoc in the game.


Variants of Lightning Bolts.

Alpha Bolt
Standard type of lightning bold available from the start of the game.

Pincer Bolt
A high damage bolt that strikes enemies from three side simultaneously. Available at Power Level 1. Firing 3 bolts that jump around before hitting their target, each bolt being as powerful as an Alpha Bolt. It has a low rate of fire but high accuracy, making it a fairly useful ability to have

Artillery Bolt
Ranged electric bolt, available at Power Level 1. The bolt fired is heavier than the others, and due to gravity it’s likely to travel much more slowly. It also has a low rate of fire, but does considerably more damage.


Skull Bolt
A powerful variation of the Alpha Bolt that is capable of causing heads to explode if a precision headshot is made. It also has improved homing capabilities, making it a greater alternative to the Alpha Bolt.

Magnum Bolt
This bolt creates a potent discharge of RFE. Enemies who previously took on several Alpha Bolts can be downed with 30% to 50% fewer shots. The downside is that the firing rate is slower, as it takes time to concentrate RFE to fire a projectile of this caliber.

Bolt Stream
This bolt form is Cole’s machine gun.  The individual blasts are roughly the same power as an Alpha blast, but are launched rapid fire.  Also, the Bolt Stream will recharge Cole as he hits active enemies, making the Bolt Stream the most effective form for a Good-Aligned playthrough.

Scythe Bolt
This bolt fires 5 interlinked bolts that have greater range and accuracy than the Alpha Bolt. However, it has a lower rate of fire and does considerably less damage. It’s primary function is to be used as a way to recharge drained objects.


Alpha Blast
Standard type of Blast in Infamous 2.

Detonation Blast
Swirling Ball that blasts anything it touches, it sticks to it. Available at Power Level 1 and can also be used to harness energy for Super Jump. This is highly volatile, so after it sticks to an object, if Cole shoots at it, it will explode and damage nearby enemies (including Cole if he’s too close).

Lightning Hook
Available as DLC, this ability creates a long electromagnetic hook that can be used to reel enemies in and quickly kill them.

Sniper Blast
A blast with great range but with a tiny area of effect. Outside of the great range, it does not differ at all from the Alpha Blast.

Nightmare Blast
Unlocked at level 3, this is the only napalm blast available in the arsenal. It creates a cloud of smoke and ash that stuns enemies, giving Cole an opportunity to close the distance and kill them. It’s very short range, however, and doesn’t do much damage on its own

Graviton Blast
This blast is an enhancement of the Alpha Blast. Enemies and objects hit by this power are suspended in the air longer due to a change in their gravity.

Punch Blast
More powerful blasts that literally punches the enemies, sending them at distance with its push for more damage. Available at Power Level 2, evil Karma only.

Shatter Blast
This blast power is an ice-based enhancement of the Alpha Blast.  It throws a cluster of ice spikes out towards enemies, and is gained by merging powers with Kuo.


Different variants of grenades.

Alpha Grenade
Standard Grenade.

Sticky Grenade
This Grenade form will stick to whatever it hits, including enemies and scenery.  Very useful for taking on the larger swamp creatures like Devourers, Ravagers, and Hive Lords.

Double Grenade
A grenade that explodes twice, once on impact with the object and then above it after bouncing off. Available at Power Level 2, evil Karma only.

Ice Grenade
This Grenade consists of a ball of ice particles that explodes on impact.  Enemies caught within the blast radius can sometimes be frozen solid as well.  It is acquired by merging powers with Kuo.

Stalker Grenade
It does not travel as far as other grenades but once it’s on the ground, it will hop to the nearest enemy, and will do considerable damage.

Napalm Grenade
Available at Power Level 2, evil Karma only. It has a greater blast radius than any other grenade, and like the Double Grenade, it will explode on impact.

Cluster Grenade
Rains several clusters of itself on enemies, creating multiple blasts in the area of effect. Available at Power Level 3.

Electrocution Grenade
DLC power from the Hero Edition or a pre-order bonus. It does lesser damage than the Alpha Grenade but has the benefit of electrocuting enemies before exploding


Rockets are variants of Megawatt Hammer in the first game.

Alpha Rocket
Standard rocket available at the start of the game.

Redirect Rocket
Much like the fully upgraded Good-aligned rockets in inFamous 1, this rocket can be launched high into the sky, then re-targeted by firing a bolt at an enemy.  Very useful for hitting enemies in cover or on rooftops.

Tripwire Rocket
Two Rockets fired connected by an electric tether from your hands. Available at Power Level 1, evil Karma only.

Sticky Rocket
Sticky Rocket splits near its target into electric charges which then attach to its nearby objects and enemies. Available at Power Level 2.

Freeze Rocket
This rocket consists of a cluster of ice chunks which explode on impact, and will also freeze targeted enemies into place.  It is acquired by merging powers with Kuo.

Hellfire Rocket
The only napalm rocket, firing a cluster of 5 fireballs that each do as much damage as an Alpha Rocket. However, if every subsequent rocket hits the same target, the damage will stack and do more with each successful hit.

Other Powers

You can also use extra powers of destruction by pressing R2 button on your PS3 controller.

Kinetic Pulse
Use this power to create an electromagnetic field to lift all the objects surrounding it. When these objects hit anything they create an explosion. Press and hold R2 to pick things up. Use Right Analog Stick to aim, and the X Button to throw. Available at Power Level 1.

Lightning Hook
Lightning Hook is a hero edition pre-order exclusive power. It allows you to pull enemies and objects towards you. You can also use it to grapple the wall and pull yourself, essentially providing you with another way to travel fast between two objects.

Ice Launch
This power causes a pillar of ice to shoot up from the ground below Cole’s feet, tossing him high into the air.  It is aquired by merging powers with Kuo.

Arc Restraint
Locking onto a downed enemy and pressing R1 will form electric shackles that binds the enemy and keeps them held down.

Bio Leech
This ability allows Cole to sap or ‘leech’ a victim’s bio-electric energy. This ability will kill the victim, so best to use this against enemies and not civilians.

Firebird Strike
Power Level 2. Evil Karma only. Cole’s limbs catch on fire, making him resemble a phoenix. For the next 2 seconds, Cole will fly in a straight line and explode once time’s up, dealing significant damage to any enemies nearby.

Pulse Heal
This is an ability that allows Cole to heal injured civilians. This adds into Cole’s good karma, and can be upgraded into a Pulse that heals multiple civilians within the vicinity.

Frost Shield
This power creates a shield that Cole can use to block enemy attacks.  It also will absorb kinetic energy from those attacks and recharge Cole’s reserves.  It is acquired by merging powers with Kuo.

Ionic Powers

Special powers of Cole that require him to collect Blast Shards to use them. You can only use them close to death, as a final resort.

Ionic Storm
Lightening Bolts rain from Sky destroying everything they touch.

Ionic Freeze
This power will throw a spread of jagged ice out of the ground in an arc in front of Cole, damaging enemies from below. Civilians and allies are not harmed in this attack. It is acquired by merging powers with Kuo.

Ionic Drain
Cole drains life out of his enemies. Evil Karma only.

Ionic Vortex
Cole can create an electrified tornado using this power.

Amp Upgrades

Cole can use different upgrades to customize how he uses Amp in combat.

When standing, press the Square Button to attack with the Amp.

Finisher Attacks
Hit your enemies with a couple of attacks with the Square Button, then press Triangle Button for a smooth finisher move. You will need to charge up the meter with normal attacks before you will be able to use the finisher move. Available at Power Level 1.

Ultra Attacks
Available after a long hit combo, ultra attacks are even stronger than Finisher Attacks. You need to charge up the Finisher Move meter even further before you will be able to use Ultra Attacks. Available Power Level 2.

Ultra Drain
Using this power you can fully replenish your health when you do an ultra attack. Available at Power Level 3.


Ionic Charge
It allows you to collect Ionic charges which then can be used for special powers.

Ionic Charge 2
Allows you to store up to 2 Ionic charges. Available at Power Level 1.

Ionic Charge 3
Allows you to store up to 3 Ionic Charges. Available at Power Level 2.

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