Indivisible Combat Guide

The combat system in Indivisible is a prominent feature of this 2D fighting RPG.  It has a lot of depth and intricacy that differentiates it from other games with similar combat systems.

The system can come off as intimidating to new players at first but once you start to get the hang of the controls, you’ll find yourself improving at an impressive rate. This guide covers everything you need to know regarding this combat system.

Indivisible Combat Tips

If you’re playing on the Keyboard then make sure that your Key bindings have been configured properly. This game differentiates itself from a lot of other 2D JRPGs by having real-time combat instead of turn-based. Timing matters a lot and there is a hitbox.

Combat Basics

The dots under your characters mark your Action Cooldown. Every move except block consumes a dot from the Action Cooldown until it is empty. You cannot attack until it recharges. Each character has 3 attacks:

  • Standard attack,
  • Up + Attack
  • Down + Attack

When an enemy attack is about to hit you, just press the action button to make the characters start blocking. Try to tap it right as the enemy’s hit is landing so that you can get a perfect block. This reduces damage greatly without being too costly. This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll take no damage from any enemy but it at least lessens the blow.  The timing matters even more with grabs since they can’t be deflected unless you press it at the right moment.

There is also a Block all button that is very costly but is a good last resort if you find yourself overwhelmed by large amounts of enemies.

Successfully landing hits boosts the Iddhi bar while blocking drains it. Generally, if you hold block, you end up consuming more Iddhi so we strongly recommend timing your blocks.

Iddhi can’t be used when the enemy is attacking, but your other characters can use it in their special moves. Iddhi is what gives power to your special skills. So needless to say: you need to manage your Iddhi use.

Hold the Iddhi button and then press the character button to use a character’s special skill at the cost of one bar of Iddhi. Press it once to use your Level 1 skill or do it 3 times to use level 3 skill.

Combat Initiation
Enemies are visible on the world map and try to attack you. You can try to steer clear of the conflict or hit them first. If you both end up getting into a fight, there are many different ways this can play out.

  • If you attack first, you deal a chunk of damage to your foe while charging your cooldowns. If you’ve done enough damage, the fight will be over real quick.
  • If you both get into conflict, combat starts normally with both parties at their starting HP and an empty Action cooldown.
  • If the enemy attacks you first then the damage is dealt to your entire party.
  • You can increase your chances of blocking enemy attacks on the world map by giving Ajna an Axe.

Hidden Combat Mechanics

Explosive Arrows
Push the Attack and Bow buttons at the same time to cause arrows to explode and deal a ton of damage at a greater distance than usual. Use it to weaken foes and then finish them off with a regular attack.

Super Dash
Ajna gets this upgrade after defeating the final boss. Hold the Dash button along with the directional key you choose to travel fast into enemies and deal massive damage to them. You can use this to break through walls as well. You can use this move with another:

Ground Slam
During your super dash, perform a jump and hold the attack button to break through the floor.

Just keep these combat tips in mind and you’ll do fine.