Indivisible Character Stats, Moves and Combos List

Indivisible packs in a lot of different characters, each with his/her unique traits that may prove beneficial in different situations. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of most of them. I have covered character stats, moves and combos in Indivisible and provided details for each of them.

Indivisible Character Stats, Moves, and Combos List

Every character in Indivisible has some basic statistics that help you decide whether he or she is any good. These are:

  • Base Iddhi – It is generated when art the beginning of an attack. Higher attack values usually have lower base iddhi.
  • Health – Just as it sounds. One of the factors is how long your character may stay alive. Characters that can patch themselves usually have less health.
  • Attack – Base value of the damage that the character can deal. The more powerful attacks’ damage goes into thousands. However, such attacks take long to recharge.
  • Speed – Rate of recharging of an attack. Higher the speed, the faster the barrage of attacks.

A thing to note is that faster speed could also ensure much greater damage. Slower characters that have powerful attacks are also slow to generate iddhi. Yan, for example, has higher speed and deals much greater damage than probably Phoebe or Razmi.

Each character has some unique traits that make them suitable for a position, and attacks that are unlike that of any other character. Below are all the character details, including their moves, basic stats, attacks, and combos.

Moveset Health; Attack; Speed; Base Iddhi(First Attack – Follow-Up) Combos
First Attack – Normal: Punch the enemy, Down: Crouch down and Jab the target, Up: Spinning kick that hits in a wider area; with an axe she can crouch and launch the enemy up with the axe, Special: With a single bar she performs a sequence of palm strikes, finishing off with an axe chop, with double bars the axe chops increase to two. Three bars special attack launches a beam that shoots across the field. Follow-Up Attack – Normal: Knocks enemy down with a spear, Up: Chops enemy twice with an axe, Down: Shoots bow at the enemy. ★★★; ★★★; ★★★; n/a Chop: any non-special, follow up or normal attack. Anja will attack with her axe. Explosive Shot: Any non-special, up or down attack. Shoots her bow and cheers.
Normal: Dhar slashes the target, Up: Jumps and slashes the enemy, Down: Powers up the next attack with earth elements, Special: Slams area with a stone sword, if there is a single bar, damage increases steadily in case you have two or three bars. ★★★; ★★★; ★; 2 – 3 n/a
Normal: Bom launches flames at the target, Up: Bom blasts the target up, Down: Decreases targets’s frequency of attack, Special: Heals the party in case of a single bar, launches spirit of Bom with two bars and unleashes soul of Bom as well as raining fire on the target, if you have three bars. ★; ★★★★; ★; 2 – 1 n/a
Normal: Ginseng runs at the target and grinds the mortar & pestle, Up: Honey throws a random object from Ginsberg’s bag at the enemy, Down: Dhar slashes the target, Special: If you have a single bar, Ginseng plucks a plant from the ground and stores it in their bag. In the case of two bars, Honey launches a barrage. He throws objects from Ginsberg’s bag. If you have three bars Ginsenfg grinds the mortar and pestle and then exploding it. ★; ★★; ★★★; 2 – 3 n/a
Normal: Shoots three arrows, in succession, at the target, Down: Shoots three clustered arrows at the enemy, Up: Showers down six arrows around the area where the target is,  Special:  One bar, Shoots three barrages of the three clustered arrows, two bars lead to four barrages and three bars leads to eight barrages. ★; ★★; ★★★★; 2 – 3 n/a
Normal: Whips the target with his blade, Down: Attacks entire field with a fury of slashes, Up: Whips the target, knocks them up and forward, Special: Slashes at target, with a single bar. Damage increases with the same attack if you have two bars, and with three bars Tungar swipes the area with his blade. ★★★; ★★★★; ★; 2 – 3 n/a
Not Riding Altun – Normal: Punches target, Down: Sends Altun to dive bomb the target, Up: Kushi jumps and rides Altun, Riding Altun – Normal: Altun screeches and deals damage over a large area, Down: Altun flies  and then slams back down into the target, Up: Kushi dismounts Altun. ★★★; ★★; ★★; 2 – 3 n/a
Normal: Shoots water projectile at the target, Down: Runs at the target hitting it with a wave, Up: Water puddles on the field heal thee allies and hurt the enemies,  Special: One bar, splashes area around her. Two bars melts into an invincible puddle of water. Three bars, Summons a rain cloud, showering the area around her. Passive(Puddle): Puddles on the field hurt enemies and heal allies. ★; ★; ★★★; Not Fixed n/a
First Attack – Normal: Bashes the target backwards with her shield, Down:  Qadira performs a kicking slide along the ground, Up: Qadira the target into the air with an uppercut, Special:  Charges into the target and as the bars increase so does the damage dealt. Follow-Up – Normal: Qadira bashes the target an additional time, Up: Qadira performs an uppercut on the target, Down: Qadira smashes the target back into the ground. ★★★; ★★; ★; 2 – 3 n/a
Normal: Phoebe shoots her javelin across the field, Down: Grabs a target out of the air and suplexes it, Up: Phoebe launches the target upwards with her javelin. ★★★; ★★★★★; ★; 2 – 0 n/a
Normal: Shoots his revolver at the target, Up: Jumps and swipes down at the target, Down: Reloads revolver. Special: Slashes target ith revolver(one bar), loads special bullets into his revolver(two bars), and rapidly fires a revolver at target(three bars). ★; ★★★★; ★; 1 – n/a n/a
Normal: Summons thorns from the ground, Up:  Plants a sapling in front of the target, Down: Special: Passive: ★; ★; ★★★; 2 – 3 n/a
Normal: Nuna summons thorns from the ground, Up: Nuna summons a stalk of maize that knocks up the target, Down: Nuna plants a sapling in front of the target, Special: Nuna blows dandelion pedals at the target, one bar. Same attack with more damage for a higher number of bars. Passive: Nuna will automatically revive after being knocked out. ★; ★; ★ n/a n/a
Normal: Yan performs a spin kick, Up: Spins upwards and kicks the target, Down: Flips backward and slams her leg into the target, Special: Makes in-air targets easier to hit. ★; ★★; ★★★★; 1 – 2 n/a
Normal: Bounces a ball at the enemy. A follow-up would see Hunoch & Xiboch try to bounce the ball back, Special: Single bar, Hunoch & Xiboch swap places. Passive(Hunoch): Attack power for Hunoch increases by 28 percent, less Iddsho generated,  Passive(Xiboch): Amount of Iddhi generated increases, damage does’nt change. ★★; ★★★★; ★; n/a n/a
Normal: Sequence of punches, Down: Jumps and dive kicks, Up: Launches the enemy up with a flash kick, Special: With a single bar, he performs a cunning strike on the enemy, two bars lead to a flaming flash kick and three bars lead to a flaming dive kick. Passive: Focused on in-air targets. ★; ★★★★; ★; n/a n/a