Indivisible Beginner Tips

Indivisible is finally out and this 2D JRPG brings some pretty interesting gameplay mechanics with it. The game is fairly easy to pick up but you might find yourself in a spot of bother regarding some of the key bindings and other issues at first. For that reason; we have a few beginner tips that you should find useful to keep in mind during your playthrough of Indivisible.

Indivisible Beginner Tips

Set your Controls
If you’re planning to play with a keyboard then the game prompts you to start assigning key bindings right at the start. Set your directional keys as you wish (WASD) but then it gets a little harder when setting up the 4 Command buttons. This is because you need to copy the controller layout.

As we explained in our Indivisible Combat Guide, commands require you to select the direction and the character you need to perform that action so it’s essential that you get this configuration out of the way right away.

Platforming tricks
Ajna has controls that allow her to run, dash and jump around as she platforms her way through an area. However, you can also do some additional things to ensure you have safer landings or get to places quicker.

Sliding allows you to get through tiny gaps that you otherwise couldn’t pass through. You can slide by hitting Jump/Dash while sliding. You can also use the axe to grab the walls and launch yourself up. Similarly, the bow can be used to hit levers and switches that open up new pathways.

Razmi is the squad’s healer. If you have one bar of Iddhi then you should be good. Ginseng is also good for healing but is nowhere near as powerful in terms of how much health you’ll regenerate.

The Iddhi bar is much lower at the start of the game and continues to grow as you play through. So you’ll need to be at max-capacity to make use of the healing.

Interact with NPCs
Some civilians join you in your travels while others have just single lines of dialogue. Eitherway there is no harm in you practicing your social skills a little bit in between all the fighting. Especially if you’re out to explore all available content in the game.

Pick Faster Characters
Rather than wasting time trying to figure out what works and doesn’t work for each character, you should just stick with keeping quicker characters in your party.  This is pretty crucial when you’re playing a game with real-time combat.

The fastest way to take down enemies is to select 4 speedy characters and then press all the command prompts to have them all dash at him at once.

Initiate the Fight
If you spot a foe on a map and can’t avoid the conflict, try to make the first move. If they attack you first then damage will be dealt to your entire party. If you attack first, you may possibly deal enough damage to end the fight right away or at least greatly shorten it.

Upgrade your Attacks
You can purchase upgrades with Ringsels that you find when exploring. You can choose to have a balanced set of upgrades for both your Offence and Defense but we recommend that you focus on your attacks. Each upgrade grants you an extra button press to each character in your party.

The result: More damage and quicker takedowns during combat.

Break Enemy Shields
Bluebreakers are little blue circles that show up underneath enemies to mark them as blocking foes. You need to break through their defense before you can do any damage to them.

This is pretty easy to do since you just have to perform an up attack and then a down attack or the other way around. Enemies do eventually recover from this but in the meanwhile, you can do a lot of damage.

That’s pretty much all we have for you. Just keep these tips in mind and your playthrough should be smooth sailing.