The Indiana Jones Game Might Be Heading To Rome

Bethesda Softworks has stated that “it will be some time” before its new Indiana Jones game gets detailed but as far as fans are concerned, the publisher might have possibly passed off a few clues to the unaware public.

The released cinematic teaser trailer was pretty brief. The only thing Bethesda Softworks wanted to put out was that the famed archeologist is getting ready for a new adventure. The trailer panned over a table stacked with all manner of objects and items, including the iconic whip and hat. A closer look though finds something else of interest hiding in plain sight.

There is a map of the Vatican on the table as well as a ticket to Rome which is dated 1937. Provided that the said findings were not randomly placed by Bethesda Softworks, the Indiana Jones game might be set in Rome in 1937, which would put the game shortly after the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

1937 is also the year when Mussolini and Hitler made an alliance. The Nazi connection is only fitting for developer MachineGames which was behind the reboot of the recent Wolfenstein games. The developer is also currently working on Wolfenstein 3 to conclude the trilogy which means that adding Nazi elements to the Indiana Jones game would not be a problem.

The new Indiana Jones game will feature a wholly original story pitched by none other than executive producer (and director) Todd Howard. The story will neither be an origin story and nor an adaptation of any of the existing novels or movies. Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that the game will instead feature Indy at the “height” of his career.

The Indiana Jones game remains without a release date, platforms, and even a title.

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