How to Increase Professor Level in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The level of your character is what you gain in the form of XP from combats and through progressing in the game. Apart from that, the Professor Level in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is also an important factor that determines the action that you can take and your accessibility to the school’s section of the game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Professor Level

Raising the Professor Level has its own perks and advantages in the game. To elaborate, this gets you more allowance from the Monastery every month, you get an increased number of Activity Points, and it allows you to unlock the Master Classes.

Having a greater number of Activity Points allows you to participate in more and more events at the Monastery to raise the Motivation Level of your character and other students and get more Renown Points.

Participating in more events improve your relations with other characters by working together with them and bonding with them. This can ultimately be helpful in combats when these characters are alongside you.

How to Increase Professor Level

The following activities contribute to increasing the Professor Level:

  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Finding Guides in the Monastery
  • Monastery Activities

All these activities contribute to increasing the Professor Level. And luckily some of them do not even require Activity Points i.e. Fishing and Gardening.

If you have a bait with you, you can head to the back of the Monastery and engage in fishing to slightly increase your level bar. The same goes for Gardening.

Similarly, Monastery Activities also contribute to increasing Professor Level. These include faculty training, playing in tournaments, sharing meals and choir practices. Answering correctly to the advice notes also counts.

These, however, use some Activity Points in order to be performed.

For instance, Faculty Training costs one Activity Point and so do the tournaments, but hey contribute to improving Professor Level as well as granting you specific skills associated with that activity.

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