How to Increase Leader Prestige in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Throughout Total War: Three Kingdoms, the player has to build and manage things in ways that help you increase your power and region. Prestige is the amount of political power that your Faction Leader has in a country and it can influence various factors in the game. This Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide will cover the ways in which you can increase your Leader Prestige in the game.

Increase Total War: Three Kingdoms Leader Prestige

Aside from increasing your influence over a country, having a higher Prestige can have many other benefits. You can increase the number of spies, trade agreements, assignment slots, expansion of powers, and more.

You can increase Prestige through the following methods:

Capturing New Territory
Completing the war and occupying new territory is the simplest and quickest method. Announce war and keep on brutally winning to expand your territory. The more new territory you capture, the greater the Prestige will be of your Faction Leader.

Administrator Buildings
Construct specific buildings present in the Reform tree. This option is in the far right section of the tree and you can change reforms after every five turns.

These can be checked by pressing “4” so that you can unlock additional administrator buildings and slots for your faction’s council. Once they are available to you, simply build them and you will get an increase in Prestige.

Follow these methods and you will have a strong influence over a country in no time.

This is basically everything you need to know about how to increase Leader Prestige in Total War: Three Kingdoms. If you have anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know!