Incoming Fortnite Event Might Have Been Discovered By Dataminers

An incoming Fortnite event might have been discovered by dataminers ahead of its release. The event will apparently be taking place in a bunker on the shores of the Pillar Shores, a now-dry riverbed. However, we don’t exactly know what the event will be yet, and won’t until Epic Games says.

The fact that this is coming so soon after the game’s Avengers: Endgame event might mean that Epic Games was sitting on this event for a long time, though at the same time we have no idea of when that event will actually come.

The incoming Fortnite event was discovered due to a line of code in the game that read “UnvaultingCountdown”. Considering that the event is going to be happening in a bunker, something may be coming out of there that will change the map in some way.

A similar way that these events started was back when Avengers: Infinity War came out, where a comet came down on the map and demolished a certain area on the map. While we don’t know if anything will get destroyed this time around, we don’t know for sure.

It might also be related to the alien spaceship that Fortnite players discovered at Loot Lake several weeks ago. That spaceship crash might also be related to this, but it might also be something different.

The incoming Fortnite event may be related to the UFO (which has also had a number of rune puzzles to reveal more of its hull over time), but at the same time it might not be. And exactly what the event will even be still remains to be seen.

Until the incoming Fortnite event actually comes out, though, players will just have to be vigilant for more hints as to what this “Unvaulting Countdown” coding actually means.