Imperator Rome Trading and Trade Routes Guide

Trading is a crucial aspect when it comes to building up on the economy of your empire and sustaining it. As it turns out in Imperator Rome, there’re specific trade routes that will allow you to get bonuses for your empire. In our Imperator Rome Trading Guide, we discuss such routes and shed light on the mechanic of trading and reaping its benefits.

Imperator Rome Trading and Trade Routes

In total, there’re 34 different types of trade goods with each type contributing to a certain benefit or outcome as far as your economy goes. Different units or classes of individuals in your empire will benefit from different goods.

For example, those in charge of constructing triremes will find “Wood” more useful. The bonuses apply to all the cities for a single province.

Once you’ve managed to get a unique trade good, its second copy won’t provide as much of a benefit than the original copy.

However, you can export this to different provinces to get more bonuses. If you’d like to keep onto your valuable resources, you can toggle off other countries’ request for your goods in the Trade Menu (F9).

Although both imports and exports carry trade commerce value for your country, you should make any deals strategically and with careful planning.

This is because the last thing you’d want is to help a different country stock your imported materials and use them as their strength against you.

Excess or surplus of even the same goods still doesn’t hurt, as the province and the empire itself continues to reap benefits.

Surplus goods in the capital province will have higher bonuses associated. These special bonuses include increased tax yield and supply level of a given province.

Best Trade Routes

Import of goods is only possible via convenient trade routes between the interested countries.

These trade routes are set up with the emergence of new laws and policies, technological inventions, or random events that see a shift in governance power or position.

Although initially, the trade routes cost you 25 Civic Power, the aforementioned factors can lower that construction cost.

Do note that you can only set up trade routes as far as your diplomatic range goes. As you expand your empire and thus the measure of power, you’ll be able to import goods from places far away as well.

It’s advisable to go slow with the expansion process so you can gradually set up international trade routes as well. It’s understood that during a state of conflict with other countries, the trade route with that region will be rendered obsolete.

All cities will provide a single trade good per 15 servants working within the region. You can opt for “Free Trade” routes that allow you to overcome the 15% salaries for your workers.

Alternatively, you could also strike a “Transaction Taxation” deal which will award you with 15% commerce income even if your interested party doesn’t have 15 slaves to work the route out.

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