Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Typhon Walkthrough

Our Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Typhon walkthrough focuses on all the steps that you’ll need to take to come out on top of Vault of Typhon in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Typhon

Throughout this mission, you’ll be performing several puzzles involving cubes and shooting arrows.

Time by time, you’ll face a handful of enemies in the open field and, defeating them will make a series of platforms rise.

When the last of these platforms has risen, you can climb on top of them to face the boss of the Vault of Typhon.

Below, you’ll find the details of all these steps. So, let’s get started!

Raising the First Platform
When you reach Vault of Typhon, head straight, you’ll see a pathway of platforms on your left; turn towards it.

Hop over the platforms until you’ve reached the one with a button. Press the button to spawn a pair of cubes in front.

Use the smaller cube to place the larger cube on the pressure plate.

Now, fly towards the platform to your right and interact with the button there. This will spawn a broken sphere. Roll the sphere to its designated pressure plate and head west.

You will soon come across another button on a platform. Push it to spawn a large cube and throw this cube on the opposite platform so that it falls right on the pressure plate.

Now, keep proceeding west, here you’ll come across another button opposite of a tower engulfed with a gigantic octopus-looking figure.

Shoot a fiery arrow towards this figure. On being hit, it will fall into pieces and reveal the pressure plate.

Interact with the button to spawn a large cube and position it on this pressure plate.

Having done that, head back towards the east until you’re in line with your starting point and then proceed north.

Soon, you’ll reach an open field with a bunch of ground and flying enemies, all coming at you together.

Don’t let the number of these enemies scare you. Just focus on dodging and making timely hits.

As you’ll notice in the battle, if you play smart, the enemies will keep damaging each other unintentionally.

Once you’ve cleared out all of your foes here, you’ll see a platform rising nearby.

Raising the Second Platform
Make your way east. Soon, you’ll reach another platform with a button. Press it and place the large cubes on the pressure plates using their smaller counterparts.

From here, head east and push the button on the next platform. This will spawn a large cube on which you’ll have to hop on.

As soon as you are on top of it, it’ll start moving north, passing through a series of laser beams.

Whenever the laser beams are about to make contact with you, jump. Otherwise, you’ll be seriously damaged.

When this little trip ends, place the cube on the pressure plate below and head out the building where the cube took you.

Here, you’ll see two large foes along with two smaller ones.

Use your hiding ability to approach the larger ones and once you’re at the breathing distance away from them, reveal yourself by striking them hard.

As a result, they’ll retaliate. They don’t exactly have a range of attacks; the only attack that they’ll perform will be a smash hit on the ground using either their fist or foot, causing the ground to turn upside down.

As long as you steer clear of it, you’re good to go. As far as the smaller enemies are concerned, they won’t cause you much trouble.

Dealing with these enemies will cause the second platform to rise.

Raising the Third Platform
Head south and interact with the button on the platform up ahead. This will spawn a broken wooden sphere.

Adjust the sets of three cubes in the area such that the sphere is being able to be positioned on the pressure plate.

Next, make your way to the eastern platform and interact with the button there. This will, spawn another broken wooden sphere.

Again, you’ll have to adjust the sets of cubes such that the cube slides down the slope towards the side and can then be rolled onto its designated plate.

Once you’ve taken care of this sphere, exit the building into the open field. Here, you’ll have a faceoff with few flying and few ground enemies.

Kill them all to proceed to the next stage of the mission.

Now, head east. You’ll see some cubes here which you’ve already made adjustments to. Fly to the western platform from here and interact with the button.

This will spawn several pairs of cubes in front. Position them on the pressure plates and then, fly back to the open field.

Again, you’ll see a few enemies here. Eliminate them all before moving towards the west.

Raising the Fourth Platform
Come to halt on the platform with a button. Here, you’ll have to solve a puzzle by firing an arrow through a lane of hoops into a giant lightened up figure.

So, firstly, press the button to spawn a large cube. Throw this cube on the stone wall in front to create an opening.

Fire an arrow that will pass through this opening, the upcoming hoops and, ultimately, embed into the figure ahead.

After that, make your way to the platform opposite to you, through the opening that you created using the cube.

Once there, turn left. Here, you’ll see a button. You’ll have to use this button to spawn cubes and create openings in the two stone walls on either side in front, just like you did before.

Shoot an arrow through each of these openings and series of hoops so that they finally hit the target.

Once it’s done, head back to the open field. You’ll have a faceoff with a multiple-handed enemy here.

This enemy’s only attack will be smashing the ground with all of his arms. Just avoid it and keep slashing through him to earn the victory in this battle.

Once you’re done and dusted with it, climb up to the platform that you cause them to rise.

Once you’re at the topmost platform, you’ll come up against Typhon, the Corruptor who’s the boss of this Vault.

Typhon Boss Fight
Typhon, the Corruptor, is a humongous and extremely powerful beast. Alone, he’s nearly impossible to defeat so you’ll have help from all the Gods throughout the battle.

Typhon comes packed with a variety of attacks and before you go on to fight with him, you must be aware of his most destructive ones.

  • Typhon can pick up a piece of the ground by piercing his hand into it. He’ll then bash you with it.
  • Typhon directs a stream of black energy towards you.
  • Typhon lets out a stream of three speedy orbs towards you. If any of these orbs connect, you could be fatally damaged.
  • Typhon can summon multiple dimensions and through these dimensions, he can teleport any of its attacks or body part to hit you.

The key to winning against Typhon is staying super alert.

You’ll be getting attacked from all directions; try to dodge as many attacks as you can and wait for the gods to come and deal some damage to Typhon.

Once they do, you’ll need to take advantage of Typhon’s vulnerability and make a move against him.

Keep doing this until the final cutscene plays and Typhon is thrown into prison. When it happens, immediately escape the Vault before it closes to finish this mission.

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