Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Hephaistos Walkthrough

The Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Hephaistos can get tricky to go through as the area has many platforms and a few puzzles that you need to solve to progress further.

The Wooden Boulders have to convert into coal so that the forges can be lit up and much more. All that you need to do has been detailed below so that you can easily nail the Vault of Hephaistos in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Hephaistos

The mission to complete the Vault of Hephaistos in Fenyx Rising will start as Prometheus’s voice echoes; he narrates that Fenyx found the air coming from the vault much colder. Head straight through the platform and jump right as soon as you see the Forge Steam.

Jump on the platforms ahead of you and then turn left to keep jumping on the platforms.

On the next left, you see another Forge steam on your right; shoot an arrow on it to let the winds help you fly to the next platform.

Make your way to the top and shoot the arrow on the 6th Forge steam. Then jump and fly through the gap onto the next platform.

Once here, use the wooden boulder and pull it to Coal Exchanger so that it can light up. Once it is ready, pick it up and throw it towards the hole to light it up.

Now go left and up the platforms till you reach the area where you need to push the wooden boxes over the raised platform to unlock the next area. Shoot the forge steam and push the box onto the button like platform which will open the gateway.

Jump over the platforms ahead to reach another area where you need to interact with the levers and the forged steam to place the boxes in their respective places, which will unlock the next area.

The smaller box has to be placed in front of the bigger ones so that their movement is restricted.

This way, you can move the other boxes by interacting with the forged steam and when the platforms light up. Move the smallest box on its platform to open the gateway.

Now follow the path, up the stairs till you reach another puzzle. Push the ball here, up the slope and then interact with the lever in front of you to fill the gap with the wooden box so that the ball can roll over it.

Do the same with the next platforms till the ball reaches the desired place. Remember that the small box can restrict the movement of the big boxes.  For the last gap, you only need to shoot the forged steam to fill the gap.

In the next area, take the wooden boulder with you. Go down the slopes till you find the Coal exchanger. Put the boulder in there and wait for it to turn into coal. Throw the coal into the hole in front of you and then go left and then right.

Instead of turning left, jump on the platform ahead of you and follow the path until you see a forge’s steam.

Shoot the arrow and then make your way to the next obstacle. Fly right through the trap when the slammers are retracted and then turn right.

Go up the platforms and shoot the forged steam to activate the trap on your right.

This time there are lasers that will vanish after definite time intervals. So, wait and fly through the platforms. Keep flying till you reach the slammers trap again, pass it and turn right to go up more platforms.

Follow the path and this time use the traps to your advantage; at the turn, you will need the slammer to slam onto the wall so you can jump on it and then onto the next platform. Time your moves carefully.

For the next platform, you will have to fly but make sure you avoid the dark clouds here; otherwise, you will take a lot of damage.

In the next area, interact with the lever on your right and forged steam on your left to bring a wooden boulder down with you. When you interact with the lever, a platform will start descending, jump on It and take your boulder along.

Take the boulder with you to the Coal exchanger and once it’s coal, throw it in the hole to light up the last forge.

The wind will then push you all the way up to the next platform. Now you will need to activate the air streams as you go up, using the levers on the platforms. Finally, follow the path and you will encounter Polyphemos the Enraged.

The creature is quite easy to kill if you stay close to its feet and damage him there. Don’t try to fly up to hit him with your sword; instead, stay down and damage its feel until it dies.

Once it’s dealt with, go to the area on your left to finish the mission by acquiring the Essence of Hephaistos.