Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Athena Walkthrough

Our Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Athena Walkthrough will cut out the work for you by getting you up to speed with all the steps that you’ll need to take in order to clear the Vault of Athena Mission in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Athena

Vault of Athena is the second major Vault that you’ll come across in the storyline of Immortals Fenyx Rising.

You’ll have to solve a few puzzles in order to move the four statues to their designated places, open the Vault, and acquire Athena’s Essence.

However, fret not, because our guide below will tell you exactly how you can do that. So, let’s begin!

Vault of Athena

Once inside the Vault of Athena, make your way through the large doorway in front until you see two pressure plates.

There are two pairs of cubes, each pair with one large cube joined with one small cube, one towards the east and one towards the west of these plates.

You will need to place the large cubes on the pressure plates to proceed forward.

So, without wasting time, head to your west and uplift the pair of cubes using the smaller cube. Since the pair will be joined, the larger cube will also be raised.

Bring these cubes back to the pressure plates and place the larger cube on one of the pressure plates.

Now, do the same with the other pair of cubes until you’ve unlocked the next section of the game.

In the next section, you’ll again find two pressure plates blocking your pathway. Just like before, there will be a pair of cubes on either side of the plates.

Find and bring back these cubes in the same manner as before to move forward.

In the next section, you’ll see a statue attached to three cubes. Push these cubes all the way forward until the statue is at the center of the Vault.

Once you do that, Medusa, the Imperious who’s the boss of Vault of Athena, will appear.

Medusa Boss Fight – First Stage
Medusa will teleport a lot, so you’re likely to miss a lot of hits on her, but if you stay patient, you’ll be able to land a few decisive hits.

She can also turn into stone whenever she wants; meaning that whether you hit her or stun her, it won’t work. She can then suddenly come back alive and attack you out of thin air.

So, if you want to come out on top against her, you’ll need to perfect your dodging skills and strike her at the right moments.

Once you’ve dealt with Medusa, proceed ahead for the remaining statues.

Second Statue
For the first of these remaining statues, head north. Soon enough, you’ll come across a checkpoint and a pair of cubes.

Use the smaller cube to place the larger cube on the platform with spikes in front. Then, use the large cube to hop on the platform next to it.

Next, you’ll be faced with a similar situation. Follow the same steps and place the large cube on the top of the platform to move across.

On the next platform, there’ll be a button. Press it to spawn two pair of cubes.

You’ll have to position the larger cubes in both these pairs on the spikes platform in order to get to the next platform.

On the next platform, again, press the button to spawn the three pairs of cubes.

You’ll have to stack the three larger cubes on the spikes and use them to get to the topmost platform.

Make sure that you place the solid box first, followed by the two wooden cubes so that the wooden cubes don’t break.

On the topmost platform, press the button once again but this time, it’ll spawn final cube that you need to move the statue below.

Now, go ahead, and push the cubes until the statue lies at the center of the Vault.

Medusa Boss Fight – Second Stage
Once you’ve done that, Medusa will appear once again. Her fighting style will be almost the same as before except that now. She’ll be able to rain down two large red beams on you from the sky.

As in the case of the first stage of the fight, if you’re good at dodging, Medusa will hardly give you a tough time.

Third Statue
For this statue, you’ll need to make your way to the west. Here, you’ll see three lanes with an array of hoops.

What you’ll have to do is shoot an arrow through these hoops and light up the torch present at the very end in each of these lanes.

A lot of cubes will be hindering the pathway of your flaming arrow.

So, make sure you move them away, but do it with caution because if they touch the spikes, they’ll get destroyed and respawn in their original spots.

Once you’ve lightened up the three torches, go ahead and push the statue here to the designated place using the cubes linked with it.

Doing this will prompt Medusa to spawn once again.

Medusa Boss Fight – Third Stage
This time around, Medusa will have the three-shot beam attack up her sleeve. The three-shot beam attack is pretty hard to dodge, and by the looks of it, it may scare the hell out of you!

But truth be told, it doesn’t deal much damage, so as long as you hold your nerves, you’ll eventually be the victor.

Fourth Statue
For the final statue, you’ll need to make your way towards the east. Here, you’ll have to move a few pairs of cubes through an obstacle of lasers and spikes without making contact with them.

If there’s any contact, the cubes will get annihilated, resulting in the failure of the task.

Note that if a cube is solid, you don’t need to be extra careful while moving it through the obstacle because it won’t get destroyed.

Once you’ve solved this puzzle, head to the statue and push it to the right place. Doing that will launch the final phase of your fight with Medusa.

Medusa Boss Fight – Fourth Stage
This time, Medusa won’t have any new attacks in her arsenal but she’ll seem very pissed off.

Kill her to prompt the opening of the Vault’s center. Grab the Athena’s bottled Essence trapped inside and escape the Vault to finish this mission.

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