Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Ares Walkthrough

The Vault of Ares puzzles in Immortals Fenyx Rising introduces interesting mechanics involving Orichalcum cubes. This in-depth Vault of Ares walkthrough will guide you about how you can solve each of these puzzles and collect the chests in the vault.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Ares

As you enter the Vault of Ares and walk forward, you’ll activate an Orichalcum cube. These cubes are activated by pressing the button on the lower platform. Let’s talk a little about these Orichalcum cubes and their mechanism.

Floating Orichalcum Cubes

The game allows you to activate or deactivate the floating state of these cubes. You can do so by shooting an arrow at them or by hitting them with a melee attack. While these cubes are in the air, you can pull or throw them.

Central Mechanism of the Vault of Ares

The cubes’ primary specialty lies in the fact that they change their state floating or grounded by striking them. You can move the cubes in floating mode with Herakles’s power, but grounded ones won’t budge.

Now that you know about the basic mechanics of the Vault of Ares, you can utilize this knowledge to solve many puzzles.

The freedom provided in the Vault of Ares to move around the Orichalcum blocks provides you with endless methods to solve the puzzles.

Getting to the First Chain

As you enter the Vault of Ares, your first task will be to break the first chain. Activate the very first block and climb up and make your way to the next blocks.

You’ll find these blocks to your left. Follow the path of these Orichalcum cubes. All you need to do is activate the blocks and fly on to them to reach the higher platform.

As you proceed, you will find a gap between the next more elevated platform and where you stand.

Activate the nearest Orichalcum cube, climb up on it, and use your wings to reach the higher platform. Activate one of the blocks blocking the door and move it aside by activating its floating property.

Now you’ll be able to spot the statue that is bound by chains. Now break the patch of corruption to release the very first chain.

Getting to the Back-right chain

From the checkpoint after this statue, start moving towards the right. Some cubes will be aligned in the manner of stairs that you’ll have to climb.

Follow that pathway and find the next checkpoint. You should see a button to spawn more cubes at this point.

Activate those cubes and send them in the air in front of you to create a pathway across the gap. There you shall find another checkpoint and one more button.

Use this button to summon two more cubes. Send these cubes in the air and create a stair-like formation.

Use your wings to jump to fly near to those higher blocks that you just sent. Climb higher and grab the ones beneath you to climb even higher.

With the help of your wings and the right cube placement, you should be able to make your way to the first chest placed on a platform supported by pillars.

Use these tricks this time to go back down towards two platforms with pillars. Land on the venue just before the two platforms with pillars and send blocks into the air where you see the chains.

Place a block to the pressure plate in front of the door that opens. You’ll be able to spot the second chain and break it.

Getting to the Back-left chain

Don’t go down back to the statue just yet. Fly towards the higher platform towards the back-right chain.

Use the taller blocks to jump and make your way to that platform. After entering, you should spot a bronze statue of a warrior, and just over there, you’ll find the next checkpoint. Keep on climbing higher, and you’ll find a button.

Summon a block and use it to fill a gap between the pathway that leads to an entrance. A button will send a rolling ball down that pathway in front of that entrance.

Now where the two blocks are summoned after the ball presses the socket, you’ll find a chest in the near distance. Acquire that chest.

Use the blocks floating around you to fill all the gaps in the pathways that you spot. On a higher platform by two pillars, there will be another button to throw to other balls.

These balls will fall, and you’ll have to take them towards their respective sockets.

Now follow the path to the entrance and fill your health if you need it. You’ll find the corruption path for the third chain to the left of the entrance door. Now break the chain.

Getting to the Fourth chain

Now follow the pathway of the blocks towards your right and move towards the nearest chain. As you proceed, you’ll be able to find an air stream.

To prevent being pushed away from the air stream, climb up the block, and let it support you. Find the next checkpoint and find the chest placed at the top of the pillar. Place the cube on the pressured plate once again.

Repeat the same technique and move higher. Move higher and higher and eventually find your way to another entrance. Place the final cube on the last plate. Once again, see the corruption patch and break the chain.

Getting to the Final chain

Glide to the last chain and the nearest checkpoint. Move towards the area with floating cubes and enemies below them. Deactivate the floating cubes and kill those enemies.

Use a nearby cube to climb up and find more floating cubes. Kill more enemies using the same technique and move higher. Enter the corridor and kill the enemies that you encounter as you go.

You should be able to find a deactivated block placed in the depth of the passage, and behind it, you’ll find the final chest.

Place a cube onto the pressure plate on the higher platform outside this complicated passage. This shall open the door to the last corruption patch, go ahead and break the chain.

Battle with Kottos

Your last challenging task in Vault of Ares is to defeat Kottos, The All-Seeing. This is going to be a very challenging fight but dodge him carefully. Use maximum damage to defeat Kottos as soon as possible.

Two of the deadliest moves of Kottos are his rolls and slams at high speed. The others include him slamming his fists on the ground or creating pools near you. Keep running away from these, and you’ll be able to defeat Kottos.

After you’ve broken all of the chains and finally defeated Kottos, head up north and climb up the stairs. You’ll be able to get your Ares Essence and this marks the end of the Vault of Ares in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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