Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Aphrodite Walkthrough

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Aphrodite guide, we will take a look at the complete walkthrough of the first major vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising called Vault of Aphrodite.

We will discuss the locations of all the chests and tell you how to take out Aphrodite’s seeds in this Fenyx Rising vault. Let’s get started!

Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Aphrodite

This quest involves the Goddess Aphrodite and a lot of puzzles. You will have to take out a couple of enemies and there is a boss fight involved.

Your first task is to head straight through the floating platforms and turn left from the doorway.

Take out the harpies and light the torch present in the front by standing on top of the circular plate.

The Aphrodite seeds have been planted by Typhon to poison the area. The task is to burn every seed present at this level using a burning arrow.

You will shoot a guided arrow, pass it through the flame, and hit the seed.

Hitting the seeds will burn away all the poisonous air, clearing the path for you. Now wherever you see a seed, follow the same steps.

There is a large vine path that will take you to your next tasks. You will see a place with a lot of tiles floating.

There is a maze-like ditch there. Don’t go inside it as it is poisoned.

Just use Herakles’s Strength to roll the balls to their destination pressure plates. Whenever you are having a problem finding the seeds, just follow the poisoned air.

There is a seed behind the unlocked door. A burning Apollo’s Arrow will do the trick. There is a chest as well in this room, after that take the stairs on the left and head straight.

The left side
After a while on this path, you will come across a gate opened using a lever on the right of the gate. There are some enemies in there.

Take out the enemies in this arena, light the torch and burn the seed in the middle of the arena inside the cage.

There is a chest as well in the next room. You will get it by following the vine below to the left. In the next room, you will find some more enemies.

Take them out and burn the seed, the same process as the last one.

The Right Side
When you take out the right seed, go to where it was, and take the path on the right. Now the next seed is locked.

There is a button at the bottom of the stairs in the southeast. Pressing the button will spawn a flaming ball. Roll that ball to the top and next to the seed to burn the seed.

Use the same method to burn the other seeds. The ball must be burning for this work. If the ball is not aflame then just pass it through the brazier to light it.

There is a chest in the labyrinth down there. Open it up after the air is cleared.

When the seeds are burned and the balls are in their sockets, the nearby vine will burn off, and then you will see another circular plate.

Stand on it and shoot the next seed through the flame.

Final Area
You will notice a large force field towards the left through the huge door. Burn the seed present there using a torch and arrow.

Use the console to spawn a ball and then roll it to the main entrance’s right side.

There is another ball near the torch and seed next to that ball. Burn that seed using a flaming arrow and make your way to the next torch.

This torch will be used to burn away the rest of the three seeds in the area.  There is a ledge in the back of the area with a chest on it.

Make your way to the brown wall with a pattern that had a seed behind it.

Push the button there to release a ball and roll it back the way you went in. There is a socket behind the red force field, place it there.

Now you can step on the circular plate outside the field and fire the arrow through the lit torch in the south to burn the seed at the top.

Ozomene the Hurricane Boss Fight
You will have to fight Ozomene the Hurricane for the boss fight. You will have to head back using the path you used to get here and take the vine to the top.

There will be a circular plate on top of the stairs that lights a torch using which you can burn the final seed in the Vault.

After the burning of the final seed, you will move forward to the boss fight. Ozomene fights pretty well.

She will fly upwards and then slam the ground, then she has her devastating bombing runs that take away a lot of your health using those molten rocks.

The only easy way to win is if you have the Hephaisto’s Hammer. If you have not unlocked it, then just do whatever attacks you have, keep dodging and you will take her out eventually.

The Ending
After you have defeated the boss, head to the seashell platform and get Aphrodite’s essence and you will be transported to another location and the vault will be completed.

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