Immortals Fenyx Rising Torment of the Styx Vault Walkthrough

In this Immortal Fenyx Rising Torment of the Styx Vault guide, we will tell you where to find the Tartaros rift and how to solve the puzzles that await you within for rewards and Zeus’s Lightning.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Torment of the Styx Vault

After reaching the location marked in the map below and entering the rift, you will enter the Torment of Styx vault.

Move forward and reach the end of the platform. Now jump on the moving pillar platform and dodge the laser lights and other hurdles in your way by jumping.

When you reach the corner, jump on the roof on your left side and enter the circular glowing area. After entering that, you will drop down in the same area below.

Now again, get on the moving pillar. Dodge the few lasers in your way and you will reach a point where the area is completely covered with the lasers. From their jump on the surface on the side.

Now reach the high area on the pillar on the left side. Continue to move forward by jumping on the nearby pillars.

On the right side of a pillar, you will see a red-light beam going up. Go to that pillar. Here you will find a chest.

Now again, get back to the pillar from where you get off the moving pillar. Again get on the moving pillar and move forward. Dodge the lasers and other hurdles in your way.

At the corner, you will see the circular shape you use before to reach the next point. Again get on the surface and you will reach the next point.

Here you will see that on the chains of the blocks you have a square type hurdle you have to destroy for moving through the hurdle.

Move through and hit the chains to clear the way. Moving further, you will reach the endpoint where you will find the chest. Collect it and you will successfully acquire Zeus’s Lightning.

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