Immortals Fenyx Rising The Path to Erebos Vault Walkthrough

If you’re having trouble finding the Path to Erebos Vault or locating the treasure inside it, then look no further than this guide where we’ll show you the location of the Path to Erebos Vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising and where you can find the treasure inside.

Immortals Fenyx Rising The Path to Erebos Vault

To enter the path to Erebos Vault, you need to find a rift located in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Once you’ve found it, jump inside to enter the path to Erebos Vault.

How to Find the Treasure in The Path to Erebos Vault

There will be multiple lasers covering each section of the path in Path to Erebos vault, which you have to dodge as you move through it. You have to be very patient and careful here, as getting hit by a laser once will take out about 30% of your HP.

To dodge them, you’ll either have to jump over them or duck under them. Some of these lasers will be moving around, so you’ll have to wait for the right opportunity to move forward.

From the starting point, start running forward, dodging all the lasers in your way, until you reach the end of this straight path. The first checkpoint will then be to your right.

From there, carefully walk down the narrow path to the platform on the other side. You’ll have to jump over all the lasers since they’re too low to be ducked under.

There will be a spinning laser on the platform. Wait until it’s parallel to you and then start moving towards the platform. You’ll then be able to easily run past it.

The second checkpoint will be to your left. There will be four lasers on the path ahead. They’ll remain static for a bit, and then they’ll switch positions, giving you a narrow path on the side.

Run down this path quickly as soon as they change their position. You can then jump on the box ahead to get to the other side.

Step on the checkpoint there and continue moving forward. Once you reach the green light at the end of this path, instead of moving to the next platform to your left, climb up the wall to your right.

You’ll find a button on top of this wall. Press the button to spawn a box. Aim towards the area to the left of the box and hit the box with your weapon to toss it over there.

Then, you can fly to the area and push the box onto the pressure plate. This will open up the treasure chest adjacent to it.

You can then grab the treasure from the chest, which will be some new gear called ‘Hide of the Hunted Deer.’

After grabbing the treasure, return to the green light and move to the checkpoint to your left. Fly through the lasers ahead to get to the next platform.

Right before you reach the end of this path, which will be the place where you started, you’ll see a pillar moving up and down vertically to your left. Wait for the pillar to come down to your level and then jump on top of it.

This pillar will take you to a platform above, where you can find Zeus’ Lightning, which is the main treasure in this vault.