Immortals Fenyx Rising The Hydra’s Many Heads Vault Guide

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising The Hydra’s Many Heads Vault guide, we’ll tell you how to make the best use of Hydra’s Heads to complete all four checkpoints of the vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising The Hydra’s Many Heads Vault

The Hydra’s Many Heads rift could be found at the northeastern corner of War’s Den. This vault puzzle has a difficulty of 3/3 and has a chest reward of Satyr Armor.

First Checkpoint
The first checkpoint will take place on a couple of platform rides, with a lot of jumping taking place in between the platforms.

This is partly because Hydra Heads are popping up from portals everywhere, and the only way to protect yourself from them is to jump over them.

The platform movement is controlled by the buttons with the Hero Plate on them.

The first Hero Plate button will get the ball rolling for the first and second platforms.

However, once you’re on the second platform you won’t be able to control it since it does not have any Hero Plate button.

Jumping on to the second platform will require a bit of timing from your end to successfully make it over the Hydra Head that pops up.

Once you’re on the next platform, two more Hydra Heads will show up that’ll have to be jumped over.

Complete the jumps to proceed over to the next checkpoint.

Second Checkpoint
There are four Hydra heads at your disposal during this checkpoint and they’ll be helping you quite often to make longer jumps to climb the tower.

Use these Hydra heads for a jump before utilizing your double jumps to attain sufficient heights.

Also, look out for these heads around the corners.

Once you’ve crossed all four Hydra Heads, it’ll be time to move on to the fourth checkpoint.

Third Checkpoint
Here you’ll find yourself jumping over a couple of more Hero Plates and platforms.

The timing is the key here when your jumping to and from the Hero Plates.

Also, look out for the Hydra Heads while making longer jumps. There might be one popping up right in time to assist you with the jump.

Once you’re on a wider platform, it’s better to stick to the right side to prevent being knocked off from any unexpected Hydra Head.

There’ll also be another Hydra Head waiting for you at the end to help you make the jump for the final and fourth checkpoint.

Fourth Checkpoint
The first platform that you land on will be wide enough to support two Hero Plates.

Move to the Left Hero Plates, and this will keep you safe from the Hydra Heads for now.

The real trouble begins you’re up against the trio platforms. A bit of patience and timing will get you through these, and given that you don’t get knocked off by Hydra Heads.

Finally, some Hydra Heads will rain on you from above. Stick to the right side of the platform to dodge them.

There’s a chest waiting for you at the end to reward you with 2 Charon Coins.

Getting the Satyr Armor
Before proceeding on with the third checkpoint and after completing the second checkpoint, take a little detour.

There’ll be a wall nearby, which you can climb with the help of Hydra Heads, double jump, and most importantly Ares’s Rage.

Follow the path and glide down onto the island to open the chest containing the Satyr Armor.

The walkway on the left will get you back on track.

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