Immortals Fenyx Rising The Future is in Music Walkthrough

Immortals Fenyx Rising has some of the most engaging puzzles and quests. One of these is The Future is Music quest. This Immortals Fenyx Rising The Future is in Music Walkthrough will help you complete the quest by going through each objective step by step.

Immortals Fenyx Rising The Future is in Music

This quest, The Future is in Music, needs to be unlocked before you can try and attempt it. To unlock the quest, you need to complete the Luck Be a Laurel quest. This one, however, can only be accessed by pre-ordering the season pass.

So, to even gain access to the quest The Future is in Music, you need to have pre-ordered the season pass and have completed Luck Be a Laurel quest.

Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can start The Future is in Music quest in a Cave in Clashing Rocks.

The quest has two parts. First, you need to get the Small Lyre from the Aiolos Outburst puzzle vault, then play it near the Big Lyre of Clashing Rocks to get your rewards.

Aiolos’s Outburst

The vault is a big pinball station like puzzle. You need to place the three stone balls in socket switches to progress.

As you start, use the lever you see just as you enter the vault. In front of the lever in some distance, you will notice a pillar moving up and down.

Using the lever will throw a ball from one end to the other, but this platform may block the ball. Make sure to use the lever when the pillar is lowered so that the ball may actually make it through the gap.

Get the ball and it will automatically roll into a socket switch, spawning a second ball.

Use Herakles’s Strength and roll it across the sections. On the way, make sure to avoid the vents blowing air otherwise, the ball will fall off.

In case the ball does fall off, you can get another from where it spawned the first time, so you have as many chances as you want.

Roll the ball over to the end and place it in the switch socket. This will unlock the next lever you need to use to progress.

Again, you need to use the lever to get the ball shot across the gap so that you may use it. This time, there are three pillars that are moving.

Time your lever so that the ball gets across and you can get it. The best way to do this is to use the lever as soon as the rightmost pillar starts to move down.

This ball will automatically roll into the next (overall third) socket switch and will bring up Gust Pillars that you can use to glide to the next checkpoint and progress on.

The next lever you see will again get you a ball for the next puzzle, but it’s much trickier to get through the gap, as three pillars are blocking it.

To get it through, you need to time the lever such that the third pillar starts moving downwards so that you compensate for all the pillars and get your ball across.

Once you have the ball, roll it up the ramps and across the thin sections.

Get the ball to the left of the column wall and continue onto the thin sections avoiding the air vents. You may see a locked chest on the other side of the column wall, but we will explain it later.

The last lever is not very difficult. The pillars are moving sideways and you need to shoot the final ball when both the sets of pillars align in the center or are about to align. This will easily get your ball across.

Just jump across the moving platforms and pick up the Small Lyre. Once you have it, place the ball in the socket switch.

This will bring up more Gust Platforms for you to glide upon and get to the final chest. Opening the final chest gets you a Zeus’s Lightning.

Locked Chest
Before you get the final chest, it’s recommended that you get the locked chest. To unlock the chest, you need to get a ball into the socket switch.

Bring the ball back to the column wall and set it next to the gap. You need to use Hephaistos’s Hammer Godly Power to shoot the ball across the gap.

Make sure you aim the ball towards the small building as it might fly off from the sides.

Once you have done so, simply place the ball in the socket to unlock the chest and loot it to get Ambrosia.

If you do this before getting the Small Lyre, simply drop the ball into the gap now so a new ball spawns, which you can then roll over again to progress with the vault.

Lyre Solution

Outside the vault, play the Small Lyre to get the code: 1-4-2-3-4. Memorize this code.

Now, get to the Big Lyre in Clashing Rocks and play the same code, 1-4-2-3-4 again. This will open up a portal to your right and you will get 2 Charon Coins from it.

Taking these coins will conclude The Future is in Music quest.

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