Immortals Fenyx Rising Sisypho’s Cage Vault Walkthrough

Ready for another vault hunt? This time we bring you the guide to Sisyphos’s Cage Vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising. This one is in the Forgelands, head on over; there will be a breakable wall leading to a cave with the vault’s entrance.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Sisypho’s Cage Vault

Head to the Tartaros Rift marked on the map below to enter Sisypho’s Cage vault in Fenyx Rising.

To progress in this vault, we need to maneuver huge metal balls and place them in designated spots to continue. The first of the balls are in a two-story building.

Use the ruined towers alongside the building to maneuver the balls into correct slots on the ground of each building floor. Doing this will activate air currents flowing upwards, which you can use to fly and reach the next area.

Here activate the lever inside the first caged building you see and maneuver the gold square box that will appear so that it is placed upon the gold market spot on the ground.

You will have to use your powers, select the box, make your way around the building, drag it along to get it across the obstacles, and then pull the second lever.

Go around the building and use the stone pillars to get to the balcony facing the second floor.

Grab the metal box and pull it towards you. Climb down and make your way back around the building to where you pulled the second lever.

Climb the stone pillars so that you can be level with the second floor of the caged building.

Now jump towards the building and boost yourself up, grab on to the ledge and get on top of the building. Now drag the metal box with your powers onto the designated plate to release the spherical metal ball.

Make your way along the wall of the building until you reach its end and jump on to the similar stone pillars as the ones you used to climb onto the building along with the now rolling metal ball.

Drop down where it drops and adjust it onto the plate at the end and pull the lever for it to rise with the ball.

Now climb the stone pillar directly behind you. And maneuver around the building and try to drag the ball onto the next plate with air pressure going upwards to raise the ball once again.

Now maneuver the ball into the next circular slot on the ground in the building. This will activate a purple beacon/alter, allowing you to progress further.

Before going ahead, find another air pressure vent that lets you reach the roof of this mega building.

From the roof, a particular area of the floor is weak; use your crushing hammer to smack the ground and break the roof to enter and find a chest.

Back to the area where the purple beacon was lit, use the new air pressure vents to fly to the end of the vault to acquire Zeus’s Lightning, the mega treasure in Sisypho’s Cage vault.

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