Immortals Fenyx Rising Night Chest Locations Guide

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Night Chest Locations guide, we’ll give you the location of all 10 Night Chests spread across the map in Immortals Fenyx Rising and explain how to unlock them.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Night Chest Locations

Amongst all the chests spread across the Immortals Fenyx Rising, the Night Chests can only be accessed when the moon is shining.

Several guardians guard these chests during the night time and the Midnight Fragments inside them can only be accessed once all of the guardians are defeated and put to the grave.

For collecting all 10 Midnight Fragments, you’ll be rewarded with the Armor of Apotheosis, given that you’ve completed all prior exploration tasks from Hermes’s Heroic task board.

Clashing Rocks

Head to the south-west on the starting island and then look around for two rock columns. Make your way up top to the one in the south.

Open the Night Chest to obtain Midnight Fragment.

Valley of Eternal Spring

Travel north-west from Gaia’s Soul tree until you come across a Minotaur, two Gorgons, and a Spearman.

Defeat these antagonists to unlock the Night Chest.

War’s Den Night Chest #1

Head north where War’s Den meets The Forgelands. The chest is located towards the middle of the border.

The antagonists that you’ll be fighting to unlock the chest are Hekatonchires, a Cerberus, two Shieldmen, and a Soldier.

However, defeating these antagonists won’t be sufficient for unlocking the Night Chest. You’ll also have to solve a puzzle.

The twelve Hero Plates are your gateway to the chest. Step on the Hero Plates with blue ghosts, or the plates that lead you to the plates with blue ghosts.

When on the last ghost plate, step on the plate in front of the chest, and the chest will then be accessible.

By the time you’re done dancing across the Hero Plates, there’ll be four Hero Plates that you would’ve stepped on to unlock the chest.

War’s Den Night Chest #2

Head north-east from the Protector Drakon Ismenios until you come across a Hekatonchires, a Cerberus, and two Soldiers.

Defeat these antagonists to unlock the second War’s Den Night Chest.

The Forgelands Night Chest #1

This Night Chest is located on the North-west corner of where The Forgelands meets Gates of Tartaros.

You’ll have to fight two Automatons and two Harpies to unlock this Night Chest.

The Forgelands Night Chest #2

Travel northeast from the Forge of the Gods until you find yourself inside a quarry.

Defeat one Cyclops, a Minotaur, a Spearman, two Gorgons, and two Harpies and the chest is all yours.

Grove of Kleos Night Chest #1

Head over to the temple on the north-east and you’ll find the chest behind it. Defeat one Cyclops, two Gorgons, two Harpies, and a Soldier to unlock the chest.

Grove of Kleos Night Chest #2

Travel north-east from the Guardian’s hill and you’ll run into a Cerberus, two Harpies, two Shieldmen, and two Soldiers.

Defeat them to access the Night Chest.

King’s Peak #1

The first Night Chest in the region is located near the Shrine of Themis. The area will seem familiar if you’ve already completed the Odysseus Challenge where you turned the giant wheel into ashes.

Make your way to the Odysseus plate before heading to the edge of the cliff on the right.

To unlock the Night Chest, you’ll have to take on a Chimera, a Cyclops, and two Harpies.

King’s Peak #2

Fast travel to the Shrine of Fates and then travel in the direction of Shrine of Metis.

Once you come across the giant stone furniture, prepare to fight with a Chimera and a Cyclops. The chest is nearby!

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