Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Huo Dou Boss Guide

Claim the Flame is a story mission is Immortals Fenyx Rising and it’s a part of the second DLC pack, Myths of the Eastern Realm. This Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Huo Dou Boss guide helps you complete your task of lighting up the furnaces and gives tips on defeating the Legendary Huo Dou Boss.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Huo Dou Boss

This story mission requires you to light up three different furnaces. All three are located in different parts of the map and are associated with their own tasks. The first furnace is quite easy since it doesn’t include any further objectives; however, as for the remaining, they have their individual puzzles to complete.


Head west of the map, making sure you’re on the right marked area. Simply go through a wave of adversaries, pick up the coal nearby to light up the first furnace.


Head east of the map and get ready to use your mind since it’s now time to solve some puzzles. The coal is found behind a cage on the right side of the furnace. Head left into another area and jump over the walls to grab the blue colored cube.

Take the cube and head over to the right of the cage (where you found the coal) near two pads. Place it on the pad near the cage. Once the cube is placed on the pad, hit it and see as it gets larger in size.

Hop on the other pad and pull the cube above and place it on the pad you are on. Head inside the ledged section to come across two more cubes, but these two are much smaller in size as compared to the rest.

Simply head over to the area where you found the first blue cube. Place these two on the other pad there to finally open the cage and grab the coal to light up the second furnace.


The final coal is up next and near the stone ruins is a blue cube locked behind a Golden wall. Shoot an arrow through it and head inside the doorway to get locked inside for a while.

Pull the cubes down to the pads and shoot an arrow straight to the first cube. This will open the barrier that was locking the first cube and you can leave to grab it and all you need to do is light up the last furnace.

Once you’ve lightened up all three Furnaces, get ready to face the Legendary Huo Dou Boss.

Legendary Huo Dou Boss Fight

The Legendary Huo Dou Boss has three main attacks. It shoots fireballs at you as a long-range attack, summons spikes from the ground and creates a fire shield around it for defense.

This boss fight hardly takes much of your time. Simply attack the boss’s legs to defeat him and watch out for the attacks mentioned above. This completes the Claim the Flame story mission.

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