Immortals Fenyx Rising Mastering Ares’s Wrath Vault Walkthrough

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Mastering Ares’s Wrath Vault Guide, we will walk you through and explain to you how you can go about Mastering Ares’s Wrath in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Mastering Ares’s Wrath Vault

This Vault has a 3/3 difficulty and requires you to have certain powers before you can attempt to master it. Here are the prerequisites and recommended abilities for this Vault.

  • Ares’s Wrath God Power
  • Athena’s Dash (To reach an Epic chest in the Vault)
  • Laser Immunity OR 5 Bars of Health.

Once you have all of these prerequisites, then you can focus on tackling the challenge at hand.

Mastering Ares’s Wrath
The entrance to the Vault is located near some empty ruins. You need to head inside the empty room and use double jump and Ares’s Wrath to jump the cavity in the ceiling and reach the entrance.

This Vault focuses on using Ares’s Wrath and increasing Fenyx’s jumping height. You can use Ares’s Wrath ability and then pair it with a double jump to gain more height.

This maneuver can technically be called a triple jump. You can use Ares’s Wrath after doing a double jump as well, but Fenyx’s movements will be a lot restricted.


So, it is advised that you use the Wrath ability first and then execute a double jump to gain maximum height most efficiently.

First Checkpoint
You have to get across the gap by gliding and then use the triple jump technique to get up the wall.

Turn right, and keep on climbing using your double jump. Once you get to the top, turn left and then glide over the spikes.

There are going to be a few hydra heads in your way when you walk across the walkway. Be sure to avoid them.

Use a triple jump to climb the wall and reach the next checkpoint.

Second Checkpoint
This checkpoint offers a little more challenge. You will see a grate that is blocking your way. You have to Glide towards the fence, and Fenyx will get low enough to glide underneath it.

Upon touching the distant wall, you need to do a triple jump using Ares’s Wraith to get on top of said wall.

Climb up and avoid the Hydra head that will attack you. You have to pass through some platforms that activate in a wave-like pattern.

Get past these platforms, turn left, and triple jump your way to the top of the wall.

You have to stay and grab the middle bit of the wall since there is a hydra on the left. Glide to the wall in the distance and then triple jump to get on top.

You have to be careful when crossing the next gap as the wall doesn’t have any trims for you to grab. Instead, some tiles block your Ares’s Wrath.

What you have to do is triple jump at the start of the cavity and then glide until you reach the wall.

Then, turn right and jump towards the wall that is guarded by spikes. This will take you to your next puzzle, where a grate once again completely blocks your way.

Jump into the grate and do a triple jump once you are inside the grate to climb a wall.

Now triple jump again to climb the next wall and reach the Third Checkpoint.

Third Checkpoint
Start this checkpoint by hopping down and dodging the spikes to reach the wall. Triple jump towards the middle of the wall, and you will find yourself between 2 hydra heads.

Jump towards the left hydra’s head and then triple jump & glide your way towards the spike pads.

Make sure you land on the left side of these pads since the right side is guarded by a Hydra. The next jump also has a trick to it. There’s a grate that is blocking your way, and the platform you want to jump is constantly moving.

You have to glide when the platform is going to the left side and then glide to the right side of the grate. You will pass under it and hit the wall.

That’s when you triple jump and get up. Staying on the right side will also save you from the vicious Hydra Head.

Keep going ahead while dodging hydra heads and spikes. Just cross the area carefully while keeping an eye out for portals from which the hydra heads appear.

Successfully cross this area to reach the next checkpoint.

Final Checkpoint
You will need Athena’s Dash to collect this Vault’s Epic Chest. Having laser immunity makes things a lot easier, as well.

You need to go back to the horizontal Hydra Head and then look right. The Chest is on the platform, guarded by lasers.

To reach that wall, you need to climb the hydra’s head and do the best possible triple jump and then follow with Athena’s Dash to pass through the lasers and reach the Epic Chest.

This Chest will contain Tartaros Armor.

After collecting your reward, simply double jump over the lasers and glide back to the safety of the checkpoint.

Now you will again be presented with a very familiar puzzle involving 2 moving platforms and a grate in the middle.

Just glide towards the grate when the platforms move aside and pass under it to execute a triple jump and climb the wall.

Now you need to reach the middle section of the large wall. Glide towards the wall while aiming for the sides and then follow up with Ares’s Wrath to safely get on the ledge.

Now, use hydra heads and triple jumps to reach the next wall.

From there, you can glide towards the next ledge and jump over the last hydra to reach the top.

You can now open the Chest located on the left side for an Ambrosia and acquire Zeus’ Lightning.

This is how you can Master Ares’s Wrath rift in Fenyx Rising.

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