Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Animals Guide

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Animal’s guide, we’ll talk about how to defeat all of the Legendary Animal bosses in Immortals Fenyx Rising and where to find them for Aphrodite’s Saving Our Hides quest.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Animals

There are four Legendary Animal bosses that you encounter in Fenyx Rising during the Saving Our Hides side quest.

You can tackle these legendary animals in any order to complete the task for Aphrodite.

Alektryon Legendary Rooster

Head over to the location shown on the map. Look for two huge twin trees. These two trees will be shadowing the Legendary Rooster.

Go ahead and attack the boss straight away. There’ll be a few more antagonists lurking nearby, and they’ll join in when the fight starts.

It’s better to keep your focus on the main boss instead of letting the side antagonists deviate your focus.

The entire fight will take place underneath the tree. Keep hitting the boss with your special moves now and then to finish the battle quickly.

The boss does not have any particular set of moves that you need to be aware of. The fight is fairly simple and easy to win.

Defeating this boss will get you the Phosphor the Stonegazer.

Kallisto the Bear

When you fast travel to the location shown in the map below, you’ll land on top of a hill.

If you look around, you’ll see a red glow in the distance. Drop down from the mountain and head towards that red glow.

You can call your antelope to make your travel faster as you’ll be facing several antagonists along the way.

Once you near the glow, carry on along the bottom of the cliff, and the Legendary Bear’s health bar will start to show up.

Cross the river to begin the battle. This battle will be slightly difficult than that of the Legendary Rooster, given the huge muscular nature of this boss.

Therefore, you’ll be relying on your special moves more often. Once the boss nears its death, it’ll start glowing red.

It’ll also become more lethal and attack you more often with newer attacks.

When its life bar drops to almost zero, the boss will give up. However, this does not mean that the battle is over.

Attack it a few more times to completely deplete its health and win the battle. Defeating this boss will get you the Phosphor of Companionship.

The Legendary Nemean Lion

Travel to the Hall of the Gods. Descend the cliff that you’re currently on and head towards the huge cliff on the opposite side.

If you look around, you’ll be able to see another high point in the game. That is the cliff you’re looking for.

Once you reach the cliff, start climbing. Collect any blue potion that you find along the way since you’ll be needing plenty of it to climb the cliff.

The lion waits on top. Attack it to begin the fight. Dodge its attacks and then hit it with your own to gradually lower its health and win the battle.

You’ll know an attack is coming when the boss starts to roar. This is where you need to roll back and protect yourself.

Defeating the king of the jungle will help you get your hands on the Phosphor of Zeus’s Lightning.

Boar – Slayer of Adonis

Head to the tall structures by the sea. On your way, you’ll run into the Legendary Boar. Attack it to begin the fight.

The boss takes pride in its rolling attack, and you need to stay clear of it when it turns into a wheel and head your way.

Another attack that you need to look out for is its hind leg attack. Make sure you’re not behind it when it makes its hind leg attack.

Hit it with your combo attacks to defeat the boss. When the Legendary Boar has been defeated, you’ll unlock the Phosphor the Lovebird.

Daisalos’s Nightmare – Legendary Minotaur

Go to the Valley of Eternal Spring and make your way to the western shore from the Palace of Aphrodite. When you get past the big structures, you will see columns and this beast will be right in the middle.

He will be facing the ocean so you can sneak up on him from behind for a free hit. He only has arm swing moves and slow and predictable charge moves, so just try to remain on sides or back of Minotaur and you will be fine.

Kelaino – The Dark Vulture

Try to get to the center of the Valley of Eternal Spring and look up in the sky to find the Kelaino. It’ll be a purple, white colored bird with strange arms.

To take this one down midair, you will have to do some midair combos as the ranged attacks will not be enough.

Wait for Kelaino to get closer to the ground and then do a perfect air ax combo to smash the vulture to the ground. Then make sure to take the full advantage and finish it.

Gorgon of Dread

This one will also be on the western shore of the Valley of Eternal Spring. When on the shore you will see a small island in from of you before a large one, the large one also has a ship on it.

You will find Gorgon on this small island, it will have a snake body and all other attacks will be useless on him except stone attacks. When you see a yellow glow on Gorgon’s face, make sure to interrupt it and you will stun him. Now make sure to use this time and finish him.

The Legendary Cyclops – Pyrakmon

This one will be in The Forgelands, just go to the south of King’s peak and you will find a cave when going uphill. Swing around it and keep going upm you will find Pyrakmon squatting among the rocks so make sure to look for him.

When you fight him, he will hold both of his hands up in the air for an attack.

Make sure to dodge this attack by moving left or right. Other than this, all of his attacks are slow and can easily be dodged. This one will be easy for you.

Ophinikos of Legend

This one is another airborne monster that you will find in the plains, just south of the coastal islands in The Forgelands. You will find this flying Gryphon creature in the area like dark vulture, which means you will have to use the same tactics.

Wait for it to come closer to the ground and grapple it and use ax attacks to bring it down. It has a low health bar and always prioritize dodging rather than attacking so it will be easy.

The Legendary Automaton – Talos the Rebuilt

Just at the boundary of War’s Den in the southern most part of The Forgelands, you will find a hill with two huge torches above. Talos will be on the top standing on a stone floor waiting for you.

You can start will one stealth hit and then the fight will begin. Talos has lots of health and a very wide range of attacks so make sure you dodge properly.

Legendary Hekatonchires – The Many-Handed

This one will be at the end of the frozen north, at the most southeastern part where you can see the King’s Peak. When you are in the area, you will immediately find this creature as the name suggests with many hands sticking out of the ground.

At first, it will be in the shape of a grey bounder that will be shivering just a little.

The battle will start when it unrolls and stands up, it has three main moves. A punch, a downward thrust and a ranged attack with his long arms.

Lieutenant Aello – the Storm Swift

Get to the eastern part of the Valley of Eternal Spring and you will find this creature just at the border of the War’s Den. This one is a harpy with no significant difficulty so you can take it out easily.

Lieutenant Okypete – the Swift Wing

This one as the name suggests is also a harpy and you will find this one in the northern most part of the Valley of Eternal Spring just close to the hot springs in the center.

Perversion of Echidna – Legendary Chimera

Go to the War’s Den, you will find this monster in a dark rectangular area on the map just southeast of the Gates of Tartaros.

Go from the top and swoop down as you look for the Chimera, it will be sleeping somewhere on the ground in the area.

This creature will have wings, but also a serpent tail, a dragon head, a lion head and a goat head. It has only two attacks, it will either breathe fire or will sweep with claws, you can take it out easily.

These are all the legendary animals or monsters that you can find and defeat in the Immortals Fenyx Rising

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