Immortals Fenyx Rising Hydra Boss Guide

Hydra is a Dragon-type monster in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Your fight with Immortals Fenyx Rising Hydra Boss will take place in a small arena. In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Hydra boss fight.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Hydra Boss

You need to defeat the Hydra in a rift in order to collect the Hydra tooth for The Serpentine Monster quest. This boss is quite tough to beat.

Hydra Heads
At the start of the fight, you have to deal with one of its head and as you deal damage, the number of heads start to increase.

The number of heads will increase to four. You have to kill them all and they will start to reduce. In the end, you have to kill the final head to finish the fight.

Hydra Attacks
The Hydra boss will use different attacks on you, which you have to dodge.

They will spit acid onto the arena, which will shorten your movement area because you can’t use that area for a while.

The Hydra head will also deliver small enemies as well, which you can kill quickly by using the Hammer.

How to Defeat Hydra Boss
Watch out for its attacks and try to hit Hydra head as much as possible using arrows. When the hydra-head drops on the arena you can use your sword to deal damage to it.

The Hydra boss will move its head back, roll it a bit, and try to smash it into you.

Just get away from it and hit it with your sword as much as possible because it can’t take his head up for a while.

You have to use that small window to cause much damage to Hydra’s head.

The Hydra boss will glow red while trying to spit the acid on you. Getaway when you see it glowing red and try to hit the head.

There will be a marker showing the Hydra in front of the active Hydra head.

Deal as much damage as you can and don’t give up. When all four of the Hydra head came to attack, you have to take them out one by one.

Watch out for their attacks and hit them whenever you get the chance.

The number of heads will eventually start to reduce and in the end, only one will be left. Take out that head and the Hydra boss will be defeated.

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