Immortals Fenyx Rising Hidden Quests Guide

In this guide, we have detailed all the hidden quests that we have found so far in Immortals Fenyx Rising to help save you time loking for them.

Hidden quests, as the name implies, are really well hidden in Immortals Fenyx Rising. So, In this guide, we have detailed all the hidden quests that we have found so far in Immortals Fenyx Rising so that you don’t have to run around the whole map and turn over every stone for them.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Hidden Quests

You won’t get in-game rewards for all of these hidden quests but will extract useful information about Greek mythology from each of them, making them well worth the effort if you’re invested in Greek Lore. So, let’s take a look

Oceans of Offspring

This quest will be found in the Eternal Valley of Spring, which is south of the Hall of Gods on the map.

This quest can be initiated by going into the cave that is right next to the waterfall in the area, and you will find statues of Tethys and Oceanos inside with treasure chest and pomegranates.

This quest can also be started from another place, which is further north into the ocean.

You just have to dive deep into the ocean and press a button, then go to the place your map is indicating and you will see a clamshell opening with the Statue of Hera.


Apple of His Eye

This quest is found in the War’s Den and it’s actually about a love story. Go to the map location, and you will find an Apple, which is a symbol of love according to Prometheus.

You have to take this apple as a gift from Ares to Aphrodite, so go southwest from your current location and you will find the statue on a small island.

A Symbolic Victory

Nike has four parts of herself as fairies spread across the Golden isle, imprisoned as fairies.

When you reach all four of these locations and release the fairies that are in cages there, you will start this hidden quest called a symbolic victory.

Now you have to go to the Hall of the Gods and find a small chamber there. Here, you just have to release Nike as well, and you will get a small reward and the quest will be completed.

Our Dearest Inventor

Honestly, this one is the best hidden quest in the game. After completing a certain number of myth challenges, you will get to hear a recording from Daidalos.

After you have completed all 11 of the myth challenges, this quest will begin, and you will have to go to Daidalos’s workshop.

Don’t worry, the workshop will be marked on the map and you will get Wings of Dawnlight Revels as a reward for and at the end, it will also show you the origin of the island you are on.

A Proper Sendoff

Go to the clashing rocks area and you will find some blue ghosts on one of the few small islands on the northern side of the clashing rocks area.

You just have to collect the proper ingredients and give this wandering soul a proper burial by bringing it back to where the quest starts. All the collectibles will be marked on the map.

Crazy Cupid Love

A very simple hidden quest that you will find in the Palace of Aphrodite and the statue of Eros. Here you will come to know from Prometheus and Zeus about how he shot Helen with an arrow of love.

Now you have to do the same by going up the building and finding and shooting the statue of Helen and that is basically it. The quest will be completed.

Hammer Baby

Just go to a small island that you see on the east side of the Forgelands.

Here you will have to find and lift the statue of baby hammer and then get it to the place between the statues of two women. Then go north on the mainland, find and interact with Hera’s throne to complete the quest.

Sight Unseen

As you get close to the ending of the game, go to the top of King’s Peak and you will get this hidden quest.

Get to the statue of Zeus just to the side of the main path and follow his gaze to Poseidon.

Keep following the sight to the next statue of Hades and then follow his sight, and you will get to a cave with all three of those statues together. This will mark the end of this hidden quest.

It Ain’t Much, But It’s Honest Work

This quest is quite well hidden, and you will find it in the Grove of Kleos area. Here you have to fight three enemies, as they are plaguing the farmhouses.

The quest will start when you find any one of these three enemies, and once the quest is started, you will get the location of the other two on the map. Defeat all three of them and you are done for this hidden quest.

A Trojan Gift

This one will be in the Valley of Eternal Spring, just get very close to the gates of tartaros, and you will find an area with a huge golden statue and a large piece of necklace on the ground.

If you look closely, you will find three pieces of the necklace missing; you have to find all three of these missing pieces. They can be found easily in the same area. Complete the necklace and the quest will be done.

These are all the hidden quests in the Fenyx Rising.