Immortals Fenyx Rising Godly Powers Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising will have you pushing through multiple obstacles to make your character stronger. In this guide, we’ll be listing down all of the Godly Powers acquirable in Immortals Fenyx Rising, along with their upgrades.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Godly Powers

Godly Powers are gifts from God. These powers can be used to turn the tide of the battle into your favor instantly. They’re flashy, cool, and absolutely devastating to your opponents.

You can acquire these abilities from the River Styx Cistern at the Hall of Gods.

Athena’s Dash

Dash to the direction you’re facing, damaging all enemies in your path in 5 hits. You can deal a total of up to 100 damage and an additional 150 stun to your enemies. The power can be initially acquired for merely 6 Coins of Charon and later be upgraded to be made more deadly.


Last Hit (9 Coins) – This upgrade will add a strong final blow to your dash and deal an increased 139 damage and 278 stun to your enemies.

Laser Immunity (10 Coins) – You gain immunity from all damage from lasers. Requires for Last Hit to be unlocked.

Charged Athena’s Dash (9 Coins) – Holding the combinational input will now charge the dash and deal an increased 286 damage and 429 stun on your enemies. You will also release a shockwave that deals 39 damage and 117 stun.

Improved Charged Athena’s Dash (10 Coins) – Holding the combinational input will now charge the dash even more and deal an increased 364 damage and 564 stun. Increases your shockwave’s damage to 65, stun to 195 and AoE by 50%. Requires for Charged Athena’s Dash to be unlocked.

Hephaistos’ Hammer

This AoE attack is able to knock enemies back and deal 182 damage and 63 stun. You can unlock the ability for a total of 6 Coins of Charon.


Forward Shockwave (8 Coins)
Channel a shockwave in front of you which deals 91 damage and 91 stun.

Charged Hephaistos’ Hammer (8 Coins)
Charge your attack which will knock back and send enemies along with objects flying in the air, dealing 364 damage and 127 stun.

Improved Charged Hephaistos’ Hammer (10 Coins)
Improve your damage of the charged attack by increasing your damage to 455 and stun to 159 with an increase in knockback distance by 200%.

Apollo’s Arrows

You can fire out ranged attacks (Arrows) and control their trajectory to take out targets. The longer the arrow stays in the air, the more stamina it consumes.


Precision Control (8 Coins)
You are able to control the speed of the arrow with this upgrade.

Explosive Headshots (10 Coins)
Create an explosion upon impact with a target and deal 156 damage.

Ares’ Wrath

Land an upward thrust attack, which launches smaller enemies into the air and deals 78 damage along with 312 stun. You can unlock the attack with 6 Coins of Charon.


Multi-Hits (8 Coins)
Increase the number of hits delivered during the attack to 4. Your damage is increased to 94 and stun to 182.

Charged Ares’ Wrath (8 Coins)
Charge your attack to increase your damage by 182 damage and 728 stun with an 100% increase in AoE.

Improved Charged Ares’ Wrath (10 Coins)
Improve your Charged Ares’ Wrath damage to 234 and stun to 936 with an improvement in AoE by an additional 50%.

Herakles’ Strength

The first Godly Power you obtain in the game is Herakles’ Strength which allows you to lift up heavier objects in the game. You will be using this primarily to solve various puzzles.


Quick Throw (8 Coins)
Toss an enemy at a nearby target at the cost of 1 Stamina.

Heavy Lifting (10 Coins)
Pull and carry heavier objects, and increase your throw damage by 50%.

Herakles’ Leap (8 Coins)
Costs 1 Stamina and allows you to leap towards your enemies.

Herakles’ Pull (10 Coins)
Costs 1 Stamina and you can pull small enemies towards you.

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