Immortals Fenyx Rising Defying Kronos Vault Walkthrough

Our Immortals Fenyx Rising Defying Kronos Vault Walkthrough dives deep into all the steps that you’ll need to take to come out on top of Defying Kronos Rift in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Defying Kronos Vault

Throughout your stay in Defying Kronos, you’ll be tasked with placing certain cubes on their designated pressure plates while ensuring that you steer clear of the harmful laser beams in your pathway.

Your end goal will be to obtain Zeus’s Lightning and escape the vault before it closes.

This walkthrough guide below contains the details of these steps and more. So, let’s begin!

Defying Kronos Vault
As soon as you’ve entered Defying Kronos, head straight and press the button near the laser beams to summon a cube.

Interact with the handle on the left to deactivate the laser beams and then lift the cube using Herakles’s Strength and place it on the pressure plate towards the left.

Doing so will cause three platforms to rise towards the east. Bypass these platforms one by one using your flying ability to reach the large platform ahead.

Once there, you’ll see two pressure plates right in front of you. You’ll have to place a cube on the left one while a statue of yourself on the right one.

For the cube, make your way towards the east and push the button there to summon a cube on the isolated platform opposite to it.

Now, interact with the handle to deactivate the laser beam and clear your pathway to this cube.

After that, pick up this cube, bring it to the aforementioned large platform and, position it on the pressure plate.

Now, proceed towards the west and interact with the button on the platform on the edge to spawn another cube.

You’ll have to throw this cube on the ledge of the isolated platform next to the platform where you’ll be currently standing.

There’ll also be a chest in the room on the top of that platform. Go open it up and collect your reward inside.

Having done that, head back to the main platform and from here make your way towards the north.

Hop across five successive platforms to reach the topmost platform. There’ll be a small room containing Zeus’s Lightning.

Go acquire it to mark the completion of Defying Kronos rift.

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