Immortals Fenyx Rising Defiance of Perseus Vault Walkthrough

Immortals Fenyx Rising features many different vaults with tricky puzzles and challenges to overcome. This guide will help you get through Defiance of Perseus Vault of Immortals Fenyx Rising to get Zeus’s Lightning within.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Defiance of Perseus Vault

As you enter the vault, you will notice four pressure plates on the main platform you need to activate before moving on. You need to get four blocks to put on each so that you can move on.

Behind each of the plates is a path leading to other platforms where you can get the blocks.

1st plate on left

 The path behind the 1st plate on the left leads you to the block, and once you free it, traps are activated. Pick up the block and jump across the towers avoiding the lasers and spikes that have now appeared.

At the end, the horizontal lasers cannot be jumped over. Just put the block down and while standing near the edge, dash ahead.

You will get to the next platform safely as the next platform is lower than the one you are coming from. Once you have made it through, just pick up the block from the other side.

2nd plate on left

The path behind the 2nd plate on the left is very simple. Just jump a few towers to get to a large open platform with the block locked at the end.

Free it by interacting with the button next to it. This will cause a few enemies to spawn. Defeat them and you are free to take the block back.

1st plate on the right

The path behind the 1st plate on the right is straight forward, with no major jumps. You will see rotating block towers as you go. Once you get the block, all of these will rotate with lasers emitting from them.

As you head back, jump over the lasers over which you can go. And another, over which you cannot jump, will move so that the environment will block the laser, offering you a window to get through. Get the block back on the plate.

2nd plate on the right

The path behind the 2nd plate on the right may be confusing as most of the platforms move when you stand on them and the distance between each is huge.

The first platform moves up and down when you stand on it; use it to get towards the next platform.

Jump and dash your way to the block, and as soon as you get it, break it so that a smaller block can be brought back.

A platform will move towards you and allow you to get through the gap. For this puzzle, you need to first get to the next platform, then pull the block from far away so that you can easily get through.

Arrow Puzzle

Once you have unlocked the path further, you have to complete one more puzzle before getting the final reward.

As you approach, on your right, you will notice a fire stand ablaze. Get to it and look around and look at the tallest towers far away.

You may not notice from such a distance, but each of them has a small pillar with a loop on top of it.

There are four of these, and you need to fire a single controlled fire arrow that you have to get through all of these loops before you hit the fire stand on the opposite side.

It’s very easy as you have a lot of room to guide and direct your arrow through these pillars and loops are big enough to allow easy passing through them.

Once you set the second fire stand on fire, both the monuments will unlock. The smaller monument on the left gives you new gear and the monument in the center gets you Zeus’s Lightning.

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