Immortals Fenyx Rising Best Skills Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising has a wide variety of skills, making It challenging to choose what skills you want to spend your coins on. Each ability has its importance and essential upgrades. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the best skills in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Best Skills

To get new skills and abilities, you need the Coins of Charon. The coins are challenging to get a hold of, so ensure that you have complete knowledge about the skills you want to use. First, let’s talk about how you can get the coins of Charon.

How to unlock new abilities using Coins of Charon

These valuable coins are gained from completing various puzzles in the game. There are multiple chests of Coins of Charon that you can acquire to get more cash.

Deposit this currency to River Styx Cistern in the Hall of the Gods. You’ll find Hall of the Gods in the lower section of the Valley of Eternal Spring.

River Styx Cistern is where you can spend your coins to gain various new abilities.

All Skills and Upgrades

There are 13 skills in the skill tree. All of these skills are upgradable13 times. All the powers have their perks.

The necessary skills are unlocked when you start the game or as you proceed further in the game. You can enhance your abilities with different upgrades.

Sword Skills

Sword Combo: The 3-hit combo is capable of dealing with 42 damage. It refills a stamina chunk by 40% after each hit. The 3-hit finisher in the Sword combo helps you deal with 53 damage and fills the same amount of stamina as the 3-hit combo.

Sword Combo Upgrade – Stealth Attack: Stealth attack can deal with 400 damage, and it is capable of a 200% refill of stamina chunk per hit. It costs five Charon coins.

Sword Combo Upgrade – Power Strike Finisher: This is the second 3-hit finisher of the Sword Combo, which can provide defense against giant creatures. It causes 48 damage and can fill up 40% of stamina chunk per hit. This upgrade also costs five coins.

Sword Air Combo: The 2 hit Air Combo in the Sword Air Combo can deal with 32 damage, and it fills up 40% of stamina chunk after each hit. The Circular two-hit finisher in this combo can tackle 48 damage, and it also refills the same amount of stamina chunk as 2 hit Air Combo.

Sword Air Combo Upgrade – Sword Launcher: This strike is capable of launching smaller enemies into the air. It can tackle 96 damage, and it fills 40% of stamina chunk per hit. This upgrade costs five Charon coins.

Axe Skills

Axe Combo: The 2-hit combo in Axe Combo tackles 28 damage and 52 stun per hit. The Circular 2-hit finisher in this combo can cause 35 damage and 64 stun after each hit.

Axe Combo Upgrade – Axe Smash: Axe smash is a strong attack to knock out enemies. This deals with an impressive amount of 85 damage and 136 stun. This skill upgrade costs five Charon coins.

Axe Combo Upgrade – Power Spin Finisher: Power Spin Finisher is the second 2-hit finisher in the Axe Combo. This finisher deals with 57 damage and 104 stun at each hit. This also costs five coins.

Axe Air Combo: This 2-hit combo in Axe Air Combo deals 28 damage and 52 stun per hit. The 2-hit finisher in this combo deals with 85 damage and 156 stun.

Axe Air Combo Upgrade – Axe Cleave: The Axe Cleave attack upgrade creates a shockwave in the ground, which knocks out enemies. This upgrade deals with immense damage of 100 and 159 stun. Axe Cleave upgrade costs five coins.

Bow Skills

Bow Shots: A Quick Shot is capable of inflicting 26 damage. A Charged Shot can cause 35 damage.

Bow Shots Upgrade – Marksman: A headshot with this upgrade can deal 100% extra damage. This upgrade costs five coins.

Bow Shots Upgrade – Reflex Shot: With this upgrade, time is slowed down as a bow is drawn in mid-air. This upgrade also costs five coins.

Misc. Skills

Parry: This skill allows you to deflect the bows coming your way. A precisely timed parry can refill 200% of stamina chunk. This skill inflicts 208 stun, and It also reflects projectiles. Parry is also usable while you’re mid-air.

Parry Upgrade – Sword Counter Attack: This attack can resist large creatures and inflict 160 damage. This upgrade can refill up to 60% of stamina chunk per hit. Sword Counter Attack is also usable mid-air.

Parry Upgrade – Axe Counter Attack: The Axe Counter Attack provides you with a powerful counterattacking ability. It interrupts larger creatures and helps you impactfully attack them. Can cope with 143 damage and 227 stun as well. It can also be used while you’re in the air. Axe Counter Attack costs five coins.

Jump: Jumping is an essential skill that allows you to dodge and jump away from enemies. You can hold to jump higher.

Jump Upgrade – Air Dodge: Air dodge provides the ability to dodge attacks while in mid-air. It utilizes the power of Wings of Daidalos. This power is only usable once while in mid-air. This upgrade costs five coins.

Jump Upgrade – Double Jump: This ability uses one stamina chunk to double jump. This upgraded skill also uses the power of Wings of Daidalos. Double jump is also usable in mid-air, just like Air Dodge.

Sprint: This ability utilizes a small amount of stamina. It allows you to run forward at high speed.

Sprint Upgrade – Sword Sprint Attack: This 2-hit spin attack can inflict 48 damage, and it refills 20% of a stamina chunk after each hit.

Sprint Upgrade – Axe Sprint Attack: This upgrade can cause 143 damage and 195 stun. Axe Sprint Attack upgrade costs five coins.

Dodge: This skill allows you to elude incoming attacks.  You can dodge three attacks in a row. A precisely timed dodge can slow down the track of time. Dodging will enable you to refill 200% of stamina blocks.

Dodge Upgrade – Sword Dodge Attack: Sword Dodge Attack causes 56 damage, and it refills 30% of a stamina block per hit. This upgrade is usable in mid-air, and it costs five coins.

Dodge Upgrade – Axe Dodge Attack: This skill provides you the ability to evade the incoming attacks that are strong in damage. Axe Dodge Attack can cope with 63 damage and 87 stun. This attack is also usable mid-air and also costs five coins.

Dodge Upgrade – Enhanced Dodge: This ability costs five coins, and it allows you to dodge five attacks in a row.

Climb: Climbing is an essential ability that doesn’t consume much stamina over time.

Climb Upgrade – Climb Leap: This ability allows you to leap in any direction at a high-speed. This only costs five coins, and the main perk is that it consumes less energy. This is an efficient skill when you need to dodge enemies and maintain your health bar.

Glide: Wings of Daidalos are used to glide. You can hold to dive downward. This ability doesn’t consume much energy.

Glide Upgrade – Glide Boost: You can use your Wings of Daidlos to glide naturally. Glide Boost allows you to slide forward at a very high speed, and it takes significantly less energy over time. This only costs you two coins.

Swim: This ability is used to move around in the water. You can press A to dive and B to go towards the surface. Swimming consumes less energy over time.

Swim Upgrade – Swim Dash: This ability allows you to dash forward at a breakneck speed. Dash will take less energy than swimming usually. Swim Dash costs two coins only.

Gathering: This ability allows you to collect different ingredients and use them to craft various potions at the Cauldrons of Circe.

Gathering Upgrade – Telekinesis Gathering: This upgrade makes the gathering of ingredients easier. It allows you or your horse to automatically gathering nearby ingredients. It only costs two coins.

Best Skills to Unlock

Above we mentioned all the 13 skills and their respective upgrades. When it comes to spending your precious Coins of Charon though, you should consider only the best skills to spend them on.

Let’s take a look at the best skills worth getting in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Traversal and Exploration
The skills that are the most useful in terms of traversal and exploration are Climb Leap, Glide Boost, and Swim Dash. These abilities allow you to dodge your incoming enemies.

These valuable skills utilize significantly less of your energy and make necessary actions like gliding, climbing, and swimming very convenient. These three skills are a smart investment and will make exploration very easy.

War and Attack
Axe Counter Attack and Axe Dodge Attack are two solid skills to have.

The Counter Attack ability can make you capable of extremely powerful counterattacks.  The Axe Dodge Attack provides extreme dodging skills, which is also essential for combat.

If you’re specifically looking for skills that can give you an edge in solving puzzles, then Glide Boost and Air Dodge are the two abilities you need.

Glide boost consumes less stamina and helps you glide faster. Air Dodge helps you to avoid attack mid-air and costs you five coins.

The right combination of some powerful skills like those mentioned above is everything you need for your Immortal Fenyx Rising journey.

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