Immortals Fenyx Rising Avoiding Medusa’s Gaze Vault Walkthrough

To help you out with locating the treasure hidden inside the Avoiding Medusa’s Gaze Vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll show you how you can find and access all of the treasure hidden away in there.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Avoiding Medusa’s Gaze Vault

The rift that you need to find to enter the “Avoiding Medusa’s Gate” vault can be found in the South-East corner of the map, in War’s Den.

Once you’ve found the rift, jump inside to enter the vault.

There will be multiple lasers covering each section of the path in this vault, which you have to dodge as you move through it.

You have to be very patient and careful here, as getting hit by a laser once will take out about 30% of your HP.

To dodge them, you’ll either have to jump over them or duck under them.

Some of these lasers will be moving around, so you’ll have to wait for the right opportunity to move forward.

From your spawn point, move forward and press the button right in front of you. This will spawn a box that you need to carry to the platform ahead.

There will be three static lasers above you and a moving laser on the ground, which will disappear and reappear periodically.

Push the box forward a bit and wait for the laser on the ground to disappear. As soon as it does, jump to the platform ahead and pull the box towards yourself.

Move past the three lasers on this path and then pull the box towards yourself again.

You can then put the box on the pressure plate with the leaf on it. Doing so will spawn some platforms ahead, which you can then use to continue moving forward.

After hopping your way to the next section of the path ahead, press the button to your left. It’ll spawn a box down below, which you need to carry to the other side.

Wait for the lasers to start moving away from the box and then jump in and pick it up.

Move forward and hide behind the wall and subsequently in the ditch when the lasers get near you.

Once they start moving away from you, jump out of the ditch and continue moving ahead.

Once you reach the pressure plate with the leaf, drop the box on it to reveal more platforms.

Use the platforms to get to the next section of the path and then press the button there to spawn another box. Take this box to the pressure plate at the end of this path and drop it on there.

Before you continue moving forward, you’ll want to get the treasure from the chest to the right. To unlock the chest, you need to put 3 boxes on the pressure plate at once.

Use the newly spawned pillars to your left to get to the next section.

Once you’re up there, press the button to get another box from there. Bring this box back down to the treasure and put it on the plate.

Then, use the pillars again to get back to that button. From there, turn around and look at the wall above the treasure. You’ll see a button up there, which you can use to spawn another box.

That’s two boxes, plus the one that’s sitting on the plate that you used to spawn the pillars. Put all three of these boxes on the pressure plate for the treasure chest to unlock it.

Grab the treasure from the chest, which will be some new gear called ‘Armor of the Unknown Visitor,’ then put the box back on the plate for the pillars and go back up to the next section.

Press the button up there once again to spawn another box. Carry this box to the pressure plate at the end of this path and drop it on there.

This will reveal the final set of platforms that you can use to get to the main reward of the vault, which will be Zeus’s Lightning.