Immortals Fenyx Rising Atlas’s Burden Vault Walkthrough

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we will help you navigate through the Atlas’s Burden Vault. We’ll outline the solutions to the puzzles and help you quickly finish the vault to get Zeus’s Lightning.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Atlas’s Burden Vault

The player starts by heading to this location that is marked in the picture below.

There will be some hostile winged enemies outside of the entrance, just ignore them and jump right in. You will now have entered the Atlas Burden Vault.

Atlas’s Burden Rift Vault Puzzle
Make your way to the panel in front of you and hit the triangle. This will unlock two spherical balls that act as eight catalysts to unlock the path ahead.

Take the Floating ball and place it in the round circle ahead of it. This will cause the platforms on the left to start moving.

Move the other ball carefully onto the platforms and cross them over to place the ball in the designated area.

Doing this will trigger another platform to start pushing air up in front of the place where you placed the first ball on the right.

Now go back and move the ball onto the platform and it will fly a short distance and land on the ledge above, and subsequently place it in the designated area.

Back on the left side, this triggers two platforms to start rising and falling.

Take the second ball and maneuver it onto the platforms and onto the next designated spot.

This will activate two more air pressure platforms in the path of the first ball, take the ball through them and launch with it to the next area where the ball needs to be placed.

This will, in turn, activate another pair of platforms that you can use to transport the second ball to the next designated spot.

Repeat this process one more time with the next set of activated platforms, and finally, you will have reached the end of the puzzle.

Here, the two circular spots for the balls will be adjacent to each other. Move the balls into position here.

After both balls are in place, a huge air current will start blowing upwards directly ahead of you.

Use this to elevate yourself and fly towards the final area where you will find a sparkling golden aura. Interact with it to acquire Zeus’s Lightning.

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