Immortals: Fenyx Rising Athena’s Trial of Combat Guide

This Immortals: Fenyx Rising guide will help you with Athena’s trial of Combat in the “A New God” DLC. We will help you solve the puzzles step by step and make sure you grab that hidden Relic as well.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Athena’s Trial of Combat

Athena’s Trial of Combat has three parts you need to focus on; The combat trial itself, the Relic and the final treasure chest. We will look at all of these.

Combat Trial

The first part of the puzzle is the trial combat. You need to get the electricity from one of the electrodes to the other. To do this, you must place four metal boxes in-between both electrodes.

As you start, interact with the console to make the first 2 of the boxes will appear right where they are supposed to be. You need to use the Colossal Strength ability to get the big metal box.

You need 2 more. Both of these are very easy to find; a large box and a small box can be found on the right and left side across the bridge. Carry both of them towards the nearest conducting box, and as soon as they also start to conduct, drop them.

When all the boxes are aligned and the electrodes are connected, the door will open.

As you enter, you will have a few allies and you would have to kill 14 enemies to progress. Many enemies and mythic monsters will come to face you, but you will conquer them and the next door will open.

Use the item right next to the door to heal and then go stand on the final platform, which will throw you to the next area.

Relic – Glaukos’s Hook

This is a hidden relic you can get. You need to have Wind Gust ability for this.

As soon as you get to the next area, you will see a few platforms far away. Jump, glide, dash and wind gust your way across the great gap and get to the platform.

Now you need to shoot three targets, all of which are hidden in the building around you.

Use the lever to activate the targets, then use your guided arrows to shoot them. All of the targets are at the back and you need to be very careful to hit them.

Once you have hit all the targets, the path forward is unlocked, and you can get to the chest at the end, which contains Glaukos’s Hook. With the hook now in your possession, get back to where you started and we will go to the final chest and end the puzzle.

Treasure Chest

The final treasure chest is easy to find. You will again face the same electricity puzzle as you did at the start.

This time, three conductors are hidden and three boxes are provided. You need to use the electrode that is on the far left of the path and place the boxes such that it conducts electricity to the final electrode.

The gate opens and if you do not have full health, heal before you enter as you will again face a few enemies in this area.

Three will spawn, and you can easily best them in the battle. Defeat them, and again as before, heal using the item just outside the door.

Now just jump your way to the final hall with the treasure chest. You get 500x Pure Adamantine Shards for the puzzle and this marks the end of Athena’s Trial of Combat in A New God DLC.

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