Immortals Fenyx Rising Apollo’s Sorrow Vault Walkthrough

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Apollo’s Sorrow Vault guide, we will take a look at how to complete the Apollo’s Sorrow Vault. We will discuss how to complete the puzzles. This is going to be a short one as this Vault is easy. Let’s get started.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Apollo’s Sorrow Vault

There is an unexplored vault on the right of Clashing Rocks. Use your map to fast travel to this spot. You will see floating red crystals.

There is a hole underneath that will take you to the Vault. Jump inside this hole.

Once you get there, you will see a circular plate in front of you. Go right and press the button on the console. A rock will spawn.

Take it and move it to one of the sockets present outside, which does not have a blower next to it as these rocks will not stay in the socket because of the air.

The first socket is outside of where the console was to the right. When you put this rock in the socket and press the button on the console next to it.

It will spawn another rock that will be able to fly out because of the air blower underneath the rock activated by the rock you placed in the socket.

Pull it towards the other socket in the front. Another door will open. Press the button on the console there.

A ball with rings will appear. Place it onto the closet socket with the blower to unlock another door. Take the other ringed ball to the socket on the left.

Now take the ball that you placed in front of the blower to the other socket next to the one you placed the other ringed ball in.

Take one of the simple rocks to the newly activated moving platforms and place it in one of the sockets there. Take another rock there and place it in the other socket.

Stand in the middle of the plate and activate the blowers.  Go back to the first console and spawn another rock.

Throw it down to the platform on the right after taking it outside and roll it over to the socket there.

The red force field of the cabin will disappear, allowing you to open the chest inside. Go back to the central platform and use the line of air blowers to fly to the big chest in the front.

This chest will have Zeus lightning. Grab the lightning, and you will complete the Vault.

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