Immortals Fenyx Rising Aphrodite’s Trial of Mystery Guide

This Immortals Fenyx Rising Aphrodite’s Trial of Mystery guide walks you through the trial and the Treasure Chest Location added to the game with the release of A New God DLC.

Aphrodite’s Trial of Mystery consists of three puzzles; completing those puzzles then defeating the boss at the end rewards you with a Phosphor’s Swap.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Aphrodite’s Trial of Mystery

Once you’ve entered Aphrodite’s Trial of Mystery, you’ll come across a puzzle that you must complete to get to the chest.

The puzzle consists of pulling 2 levers on parallel sides of the location.

Once you activate them, they’ll shoot massive balls through the portals, which will then come out of the other portals on the platform ahead.

However, this isn’t as simple as it looks since you have to destroy the objects on the platform ahead and place those massive balls on the marked spot.

This can be really frustrating and it requires few extra tries till you finally complete them.

The Initial puzzle is quite simple as compared to the one after it. Simply pull the lever, shoot the balls through the portal. This will then destroy the crates on the platform ahead while placing the balls on the marked area.

Once done, jump over to the platform ahead with two more Levers and a new puzzle. The puzzle may be the same, but the execution is different with new strategies to shoot.

In the second puzzle, along with crates, there are purple egg-shaped objects.

Destroy them, place two balls on both right and left marked spots, and then head over to the pedestal to activate a ball Infront. You can use your hammer to throw it onto the platform ahead and place it on the marked spot.

Once you’ve completed both puzzles successfully, head over to the large gate on the further left side of the location to find the chest inside.

Acquire Demeter’s Sheaf of Grain and use the jump platform to jump onto the platform ahead. Once on the platform, you’ll have to complete yet another puzzle.

This one is pretty easy as it requires you to shoot your arrow, steer them towards the purple egg-shaped objects and destroy them and get ready to face Lieutenant Okypete, The Swift Wing.

Lieutenant Okypete Boss Fight

The Lieutenant Okypete boss fight doesn’t last long and only requires you to land few moves until the Boss runs away, leaving you behind with the gladiators.

Take them down and head over to the platform ahead to Exit the Trial and earn the Phosphor’s Swap.

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