Immortals Fenyx Rising Aiolos’s Strength Vault Walkthrough

This guide will go in-depth to explain how to solve the different puzzles in the Aiolos's Strength vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising

This Immortals Fenyx Rising guide will focus on Aiolos’s Strength Vault, one of the many exciting vaults and puzzles for you to solve. The creators have made each of these puzzles extraordinarily unique and challenging in their ways.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Aiolos’s Strength Vault

This Immortals Fenyx Rising Aiolos’s Strength guide will go in-depth to explain how to solve the different puzzles in the Aiolos’s Strength rift. We will also walk you through to where the chest is and help you acquire it.

Aiolos’s Strength Vault

After entering Aiolos’s Strength, activate your wings and use the air streams to glide to a higher platform with two buttons.

First Puzzle

This platform will have a puzzle for you to solve, just like a pinball game. There will be a slider that will allow you to release the rolling balls on the platform.

Use the two buttons to push the rolling ball towards the main socket that is blocked with multiple hurdles.

Keep hitting the hurdles with the sphere ball by moving the ball with the controls, and it shall reach the socket. Once the ball is in the socket or square-like opening, you can proceed in the right direction.


Use your wings and air streams to glide to a higher platform with two pillars and an eagle face on top of them.

You’ll reach a checkpoint. Just in front of the checkpoint is the next pinball-like puzzle that you’ll have to solve.

Second Puzzle

Activate the slider, and it shall summon a rolling ball. There will be two other balls on the two circular plates, left and right.

As soon as the ball you summoned reaches the left ball, use the button on your left to push it towards the left plate. This should break the blocking cubes in front of that ball and release it.

Now you’ll have two balls to break further hurdles. Use the buttons to smash all the blocking cubes and clear out the path.

There will be multiple blocks right in front of the platform in grey color. First, clear out those blocks to make the way clear for the entrance. The entrance is square-shaped, and it is covered with a plate that you’ll need to break first.

After clearing the path, push the balls as far as you can and when they roll back down, use that momentum and push them to the front at an even higher speed.

It might happen that when your ball rolls back down, it will disappear, and you’ll have to summon it again using the slider.

Use one of the balls to break the opening of the square entrance for the balls. When a ball reaches that plate, it will activate and break the plate opening the square door.

Summon a ball and use it to break the blocks in front of the ball on the right circular plate. Keep using the buttons to send either one of the balls into the square entrance.

Acquiring The Chest

A platform will fall, use the air streams to guide you, and glide on top of the podium with two guard statues.

From that higher platform, look towards the lower platforms and follow the stream of orange light. Glide down carefully and drop to acquire the chest. Now using the air stream, you can make your way back up.

Zeus’s Lightning

Once you’ve made your way back to the platform unlocked from solving the second puzzle, you’ll see two guard statues.

There will be a door gate with a sparkling light in between. Proceed towards the light and acquire it.

This is Zeus’s Lightning, and it will mark the end of your journey in Aiolos’s Strength Vault.

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