Immortals Fenyx Rising A Tale of Fire and Lightning Walkthrough

A Tale of Fire and Lightning is a quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising, where you will be required to go through three main areas and complete their respective objectives to finish the quest. In this guide, we shall go through each objective in detail to help you complete this quest.

Immortals Fenyx Rising A Tale of Fire and Lightning

Note that “A Tale of Fire and Lighting” can only be played if you had Pre-Ordered Immortals Fenyx Rising before its official release date.

The three main areas for this quest are:

  • The Temple of Helios
  • Athos Hustle Puzzle
  • Constellation Challenge

The Temple of Helios

To start the quest, you need to reach the North Eastern Peninsula of the Forgelands, the farthest island on the north. As soon as you complete ‘’ Blurry Visions’’ the quest icon will appear here.

Enter the Temple of Helios, and this will start the quest. To enter the temple, you will need two local Kroma horses.

This breed of horses is quite tricky to you need to be careful. The horses flee as soon as an exclamation mark appears over them, so stop as soon as it appears.

If you tame one of the horses, all the horses with the same breed will be tamed, so you don’t have to worry about the second horse. There will be two horses in the pen already, so you need to get two more.

The barrier will lower, and you will be inside the temple. You will also find an Epic chest with a Boar Helm inside it.

Read the inscription on the floor to advance further. A cutscene will start and you will have to find the giant scorpion stone. The stone is located in a cave right under the quest marker.

The cave will take you to the Vault of Tartaros. Get ready for the next part.

Athos Hustle Puzzle

In this part, you will need to solve the puzzles to advance further. Pressure plates will be required to be activated using the metal boxes. In the vault, go up the staircases and hit the switch near the start of the staircases.

On the left, you will see a Hero plate; stand on it to activate the barrier in front of you.

Now you need to pick the Metal Box and throw it into the hole that the barrier was protecting, use the charged heavy throw and aim right.

This will unlock the next area, which will be on your right. You need to repeat the above process in this area too.

Throw the metal box in the hole and activate the raised platforms to go to the next advanced stage of the puzzles.

Beware, as in the next area, there will be moving platforms, so you need to aim and throw the metal boxes at the right time. If the metal box gets stuck at any time during the process, you can interact with the switch to spawn a new one.

In the next area, you need to throw multiple boxes in the holes and the top of the towers to raise the platform all the way up to where you can get the chariot wheel. You can also get a hidden chest by throwing the 4th metal box in the hole on the sidewall.

Use the first staircase and go to the edge of the wall where you threw the metal box.

You need to go to the other side of the wall to get the hidden chest, so glide into the air and turn back to reach the platform. Get the 2 coins of Charon from the hidden chest here.

Now head back to the main quest and continue tossing the metal boxes in their holes.

When the platform is high enough, get the Chariot wheel and glide through the gap to get Zeus’s lightning. With these two in your inventory, you can now leave the area.

Go to the Altar of Zeus to continue the quest. Reach the marker and deal with Chimera and two Harpies here. Dodge Chimeras fire attacks. Once they’re dead, head inside.

Constellation Challenge

In this part of the quest, you will have to get six Galaxy orbs and place them in the ball grid according to the Constellation Board behind the grid.

In order to start the challenge, you need to go to the next quest marker and deal with A Gengenees, two Harpies and a Shieldman first.

First Orb
To find the first Orb, go to the building on the left of the grid, break your way in through the Corruption Crystals using your heavy attacks, and you will easily locate the first orb.

Second Orb
For the second one, go left from the grid and into the doorway with Ares emblem engraved above it.

Jump over the barrier and block the lowest laser using the metal box. Crouch to avoid the laser above you and then hit the switch to lower the barrier on the floor. Bring the metal box along as you drop down.

Use the two metal boxes to block the lasers from both sides, crouch through the lasers and for the last laser section, use two boxes on the right and the left.

Crouch down and reach the orb

Third Orb
This one is above the 2nd Orb, in the Golden ruins, right above it. In the ruin, you need to kill the lions first and then grab the orb. To get inside the area, you need to smash through the Corruption crystals with heavy attacks.

Fourth Orb
In the building on the right of the golden ruins, you will find a doorway with Gemini emblem. Head inside and stand on the lever to find a cracked wall on your left.

Smash your way in and get the metal box. Interact with the lever to send the metal box through the doorway first and then go yourself.

Here you will find another metal box, use both the boxes and put them on the pressure plates to lower the barrier guarding the orb.

Fifth Orb
Go up the cliff behind the Constellation board, find the building here and smash your way inside to find the orb there.

Sixth Orb
Go left from the fifth orb and find the doorway with the Libra emblem. Smash the corruption crystals to free the metal box, toss the box through the lasers in the left corner, hit the switch on your right after you jump to reach it and let the metal box fall to the floor.

Interact with the switch to open the floor up so you can pull the metal box using the Herakles’s strength, onto the pressure plate. A door will open, head inside to get the Orb.

Go the Constellation Board and follow the sequence as you place the orbs in the grid.

You will eventually get 9 Coin or Charon and a doorway to a cave will open. Head inside to complete the quest and to get your rewards.

This marks the end of A Tale of Fire and Lightning quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising.