Immortal Fenyx Rising Medusa Lair’s Vault Walkthrough

Completing the Medusa Lair’s vault is very important in Immortal Fenyx Rising as you will be able to acquire Zeus’s Lightning! In order to do that, you need to find the vault and then go through all the obstacles, which will be explained in this guide.

Immortal Fenyx Rising Medusa Lair’s Vault

On your map, bring your pointer down towards the area adjacent to the sea just below Valley of Eternal Spring and the pointer will show you an Unexplored vault. This vault is actually the Medusa Lair’s vault, which you need to fast travel to.

Once you spawn there, look down on your right to see a wooden open into the rocky mountain, go inside and leave the wooden structure from the opposite side and turn left to go into a cave.

You will see a hole here which you need to jump in as it will take you to the vault.

Once you are inside the Medusa’s Lair vault, you will have to face a number of obstacles and puzzles.

Head straight and activate the console on your left to start the wind currents. Use the currents to fly through to the next platform.

One the last platform, turn left to find another console, activate it and follow the currents here. Make sure you avoid the lasers that activate along with the currents.

This is quite tricky as you will have to stay airborne, so it might take a few attempts.

When you know where a current is, fly towards it and tilt the camera to find the next one, this will surely make things easy.

After you reach the required platform, activate the console here and shoot your arrow on the forged steam to let the wind currents take you to the next platform.

The entrance to the collectible will be blocked and you can open it by turning and again, shooting the same forged steam.

You will get the Bristled Summer Pelt from the chest here. Now go back to the platform with the console and fly your way through the left gap, follow the current and avoid the falling block and any laser lights in the way.

Finally, the currents will take you to the chest containing Zeus’s Lightning.