Images of Early Xbox One Prototype Tell a Grim Zebra Story

The Xbox One is currently available in a sleek black or white finish that runs across the whole design. However, at one point Microsoft was planning to go for a black and white combination for its console.

A couple of images that have popped online showcase an early prototype of the Xbox One, with zebra stripes that are said to be randomly generated. Thus, giving each console a unique key, in a manner of saying.

The idea however was canned, and for good reason. The thing looks hideous, even for an early prototype. I personally have always found it bizarre for people to be taking shots at the Xbox One’s design. Putting aside the bulky element, I still find the sleek finish an attractive feature.

We’re not sure about the authenticity of the images. The aspect of a randomly generated design does have merit. Who wouldn’t want their purchase to be unique. However, one issue with such is the impossibility of carrying it over for other designs.

via Gameranx

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